Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A 5k and a Parade

On December 5th, Hayleigh and Keenan ran in her Girls on the Run 5K. It was in town around Mitchell College. It was SUCH a nasty day weather-wise! Cold and rainy.... Hayleigh and Keenan came in 4th overall and 2nd for her school! They did great!

While they were running, I happened to notice a beautifully decorated house next to the college - it was going to be part of the historic home tour that afternoon - and it just so happpened that Graeme had won tickets to the home tour and Lyn and I decided to go! There were some amazing decorations - it was a lot of fun (even if the weather was HORRIBLE).

On Sunday December 6th, Harmony had their Christmas Parade. Keenan and Ethan marched and the girls and I went to see them. It's a shame that because of weather, the Statesville Christmas Parade was cancelled last Sunday. The bands are so much fun to watch.

Some stuff from Kyle:

December 3rd - (Letter - Nampa)

Hey, I'm in Nampa, Idaho. It's my first area. I'm riding a bike. In 16 degree weather. Just a little bit cold. So far we've been having a lot of success. After all, it's Idaho. My companion, Elder Guidroz, and I have been averaging 7 lessons a day. We already have 2 baptism commitments. Everyone here has been feeding us. Biking is fun and I get to do it for about 12 hours today! In 12 degrees! Sweet! Time to get to work.
P.S. I think it's warming up! (NOT)

December 15th - (email - Nampa)

I met Elder Rowe of the Seventy yesterday. He shook my hand and said "Elder Watson, you have an aura about you that says 'I am here to work' and I don't expect anything less. In fact, I expect to hear a lot of good things about you." So that was really cool. I have been getting a lot of packages from people. Can you forward a big thank you to Susan Staus and her family? So far we have 3 baptism dates and 20 new investigators. Tell my brothers I said to be good because I can talk to Elder Holland anytime and make sure that they are sent somewhere really hard like tribal Brazil. (just kidding)
Got to go to work. Tell everyone I said hi.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Funny stuff....

On the way to the dentist today, Hayleigh asked me what age kids get kicked out of their houses. Since she's 9 1/2, I said "10".

Hayleigh - "oh no! ...... Wait a minute....Keenan's not 10 and he still lives there"
Me - "he acts 10"
Keenan - "hey. First of all, I don't act 10. Second, kids don't get kicked out, they just get persuaded to go"
Hayleigh - "oh. well, I don't have any money so I'm going to have to live in a trailer when I'm persuaded"

When I got home, I was going over the conversation with Tim. He remarked that if we had the typical family, we would be empty nesters and still young. I said, "so who's idea was this??" and Tim said that he wasn't really sure. Dallin laughed, jumped up from the table, threw his arms up in the air and said "Would you two stop wishing we weren't here???"

(just so you know - Dallin was joking - it was funny!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The View From My Bedroom

When we lived in Quakertown, we lived in a twin-style house, so there were no windows on the wall that we shared with the neighbor. In our current house, we are in the middle of 73 acres. You would think that there would have been windows on every side of the house, but there weren't. While renovating the 'old' part of the house, Tim put in this window. When I wake up in the morning, this is what I see now:

What a wonderful view!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Ahhhhhh......the holiday season! My season starts with Halloween (I Love Halloween!) and goes right through to whenever I decide to take the Christmas tree down in January.

Last night was the soccer banquet for the high school soccer team. Ethan's JV team won the season! They had a great team this year! Keenan got an award for scoring the most goals - nobody remembered to keep stats this year, but we all agree that it was definitely more than 30 - which is AWESOME! Tyler made All-Conference and All-Region second team! He is actually the first Watson boy to achieve this - WAY TO GO TYLER!!!!

We've gotten some letters from Kyle:

November 12th (MTC) - "I got called to be the District Leader today. I got here and now I'm leadership. My roommates are awesome. My companion, Elder DelaCruz is just like me. Say hi to everyone."

November 18th (email - MTC) - "I will not be using email a lot because of the time limit. You get 30 minutes and then the computer logs off for you. It's retarded. Tell everyone I said hi. I have a lot of stories to tell but right now I have to go and check my laundry."

November 18th (MTC) - "Well being a District Leader is very time consuming. By the time you get this letter I will be called as a Zone Leader. I went to the Provo Temple today and did a session. The Provo Temple is cool. The food was great there. I ate breakfast there. It was great because the food at the MTC sucks. I have given Priesthood Blessing for my companions because some are really, really sick. I was told by the mission president that I was a great example of a leader in Zion. IT IS COLD. Write as much as you want. I have funny stories about the MTC but I'll tell them to you later."

November 28th (MTC) - "The package got here. Thanks. Today during gym I jumped while playing basketball. Of course. Then I landed and my left foot went pop, pop, pop, pop, so on and so forth. My ankle is huge. It sucks. Everything is fine. I've been busy. I'm almost done reading Jesus the Christ. And holy crap, it's a hard book. I'm leaving Tuesday the 1st at 6 AM. So I'll be in Boise when you get this. Say hi to everyone. I have to go to a meeting."

So ---- Kyle is now in Boise, ID. His address there is:

Elder Graeme K. Watson
1111 South Cole Rd.
Boise, ID 83709

He would love to hear from everyone so if you get a chance, send him a note.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a picture from Thanksgiving last year. It was the first time I used my grandmother's plates - it brought back so many memories! These were her 'everyday/all the time' plates and some have cracks or chips, but it was nice to use them.
Thanksgiving this year is not going to be much of a celebration - Tim has to work on some stairs and since the boys are off from school, a couple of them will be going with him. I will probably make a smaller version of what I usually cook - and we will all fit around the table for dinner too!
I won't be leaving for a Disney soccer tournament this year either - I don't know what I'll do with all the 'free time'!

Monday, November 23, 2009


What an awesome game last night! RSL won the MLS final in PKs after overtime! Couldn't believe Donovan sent his PK into the stands...... But, I do have to say that I was very impressed with Saunders. It is hard to switch to a back up goalie in the middle of a game, but he played very well!

We watched the race yesterday too - Dallin loves Jimmie Johnson!

It's raining here again, so I think I'm just staying in today. I'll go through some more boxes and get stuff together for the Swap and Shop that we're going to have at church soon.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Updates and things

Updates - Kyle is at the MTC. He said bye to the other kids on Tuesday morning - Kirsten cried. It was so sad! When he arrived in Salt Lake City, Brandee and Scott picked him up at the airport and they went to Temple Square. (Thanks Brandee and Scott!) They had a great time at the Temple, the conference center and at The Roof restaurant. I think that I would fly to Salt Lake City just to eat at The Roof! Brandee and Scott dropped Kyle off at Jason and Anne's house on their way back to Rexburg. Kyle spent the night there and then Jason and Anne drove Kyle to the MTC. (Thanks so much to the Blood family!! We really appreciate it!) Hayleigh and Kirsten have started a countdown for when Kyle will be home. I wonder how they'll work out the countdown when Keenan leaves and then Tyler leaves? We'll have to put 3 different numbers on the calendar.

Here at home we are doing 'things'.
Tyler moved into the other bedroom so now we just have 2 boys in each room. Their bedrooms are actually pretty clean as of today!
We are finishing up soccer season. Keenan and Tyler lost in PKs to a really good team - after playing OT and sudden death OT. Ethan and Dallin both have games tomorrow - Ethan is here in Statesville and Dallin will be back at our old 'home' fields in Charlotte. I'm sure they will both be muddy messes by the end of the day! Ida dumped so much rain here! But - good news - the pond is FULL again!!
There are some cute new calves in the pastures - one has the cutest little black and white face! They are all so muddy.

Monday, November 9, 2009


It's almost time to take Kyle to the Stake President's house to get set apart as a missionary. It's almost time to make sure he has everything in his suitcases. It's almost time to say 'good-bye, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy and return with honor'. It's almost time to drive him to the airport and make sure his luggage is checked and he's on the plane. It's almost time to have Brandee call and let us know that he landed in Salt Lake City and they are having fun at the Temple and dinner. It's almost time to check with Jason and Anne and make sure that Kyle walked through the doors of the MTC in Provo.

It seems like yesterday that it was almost time to send him off to kindergarten and almost time to take him to his first soccer game and almost time to watch him graduate elementary school and almost time to go to his first band concert.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Know It!!!!

I'm married to such an awesome guy!!!

As much as I want to leave his post right there so that I can see it first thing every day, I also want to let everyone know what has been happening around here.....

Kyle is down to the final couple of things to get ready for his mission. We went shopping yesterday and ended up getting him 4 suits in all because they were on a buy 1 get 1 free sale - but NOT each half price - and you know I can't pass up a sale!!!

He still needs a camera, a back pack and a jacket (but Brandee and Scott are going to take care of the jacket - thank you!!!) and we'll get the other things by the end of the week.

Kirsten had such a fun time going shopping with Kyle yesterday! He carries her on his shoulders and makes her laugh and she makes him laugh by saying such silly things - they are going to miss each other! But, 2 years goes by so FAST!!!

Keenan and Tyler have a soccer game tonight - Round 1 of the state playoffs!

Keenan is starting to get ready for his mission - we went to the dentist 2 days ago to start that mess. For the past couple of times that he went, the dentist has been opting not to do x-rays because Keenan's teeth look good. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! He has 19 (yes 19!!!) cavities. YIKES!!! Any donations to the Keenan Dental Fund will be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Candice

Yes, today is my wife’s birthday. She has no idea I am putting this on but I want everyone to know how much she means to me. It would be hard to give a list of all the things I like about her so I will tell what I don’t like.

I don’t like it when we're apart. When I have to go to work or she has to go out I can’t wait till were back at home together. When she leaves, the kids say I act like a little chihuahua looking out the window every two minutes to see if she’s home yet. Then when she pulls in the driveway, which is three tenths of a mile long, I dance around with the four year old shouting “mommy’s home mommy’s home” till she gets in the door.

I don’t like it when I make her sad. I am not the most intelligent person on the earth and I tend to do stupid things. She is kind enough not to point these things out to me in the cliché wife way but lets me see the error of my ways for what it’s done and not just what I did. For this I thank her, because it helps be a better person instead of doing the same stupid thing over and over again just in a different way. In the end I feel what I call wifely sorrow. It truly hurts and makes me lover her even more.

I don’t like it when she feels sick. I know it’s a fact of life that people get sick but after eight children and the nausea that goes with it I wish she could have a free pass card on this one. It would be great if a virus or bacteria would come along with it’s vindictiveness and bad intents and say “dang it, she has a Can’t Get Sick card. Now I need to find someone else. Oh look, we’ll get him.” I feel helpless when she’s sick and I wish I could get sick for her.

I don’t like feeling that I can’t take care of her needs. Her biggest concern in life is her family. As with all of us right now times are tight and she is an expert at saving money. It just hurts when I see the anguish in her face when she has to adjust her already frugal spending to make our lives more comfortable.

Some times when I tell her I love her she says “I don’t see why.” To me it’s obvious. She makes me want to be a better person. She loves me and our children to a fault. I can trust her. I can rely on her. I can believe her. I can lean on her and she will never let go. She takes care of me when I’m broken and helps me keep my feet on the ground. We have been together for twenty four years and it only feels like five minutes. I can’t wait for the eternities. The fact that I was able to get someone so great amazes me. Like The Who I call that a bargain, the best I ever had.

Happy Birthday to Candice
Mother of my children
My anchor
My partner
My wife
My best friend


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Too cute to correct

Kirsten has been saying some cute things that are SO grammatically wrong, but they are SO darn cute that I don't have the heart to correct her! I'm sure that I'm not the only mom who has ever done that!!

She is confusing her/she and him/he all the time. The other day when I asked her where Tim was, she said, "Hims in the office". She also says things like 'hims working in the shop' or 'hims on the phone'.

She found a paper of Hayleigh's on the floor and said, "Hers 'gotfer' this paper". Yep - 'gotfer' means 'forgot/forget' in English.

Oh so cute!!!!

Dallin had a funny conversation with a referee at his game on Sunday - the opposing team's goalie came way off his line and ran into one of our players - they both fell and our player got up, but the goalie sat there and waited for the ref to blow the whistle. Dallin turned to the ref and said, "don't you blow that whistle. He's not injured, he's just watching me." Dallin took the ball around the seated goalie and scored. His team won 6-2 after being down 2-1. Dallin got 4 assists and a goal!

Last night was senior night at the high school soccer game. Lyn and I made fleece blankets for the seniors again - all 6 of them! The seniors are 'escorted' from one side of the field by their parents (or whoever) to the other side while a little speech that they have written is read over the loudspeaker. Here is Keenan's speech -

Keenan Watson, escorted by his mom Candice Watson.

"First, I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunities that I have had in my life to play soccer.

I would like to thank my parents for driving me all over the place during the 8 years that I played with Charlotte Soccer club. Thanks also to the many coaches and DOCs that I have had.

I'd also like to thank my 4 brothers Kyle, Tyler, Ethan and Dallin for not holding anything back when we play soccer at home. And thanks to my 3 sisters Brandee, Hayleigh and Kirsten for being my fans.

In the 3 years that I've played school soccer, I have been lucky to have many friends on the team. And I'm really glad that we don't have Arby's anymore for away games.

When I graduate, I am planning to go on a 2-year mission for my church to wherever they send me.

When I return from my mission, I am hoping to attend UTI in Florida."

Hayleigh wanted to read it over and over again because she said it was so sweet!

We are almost done most of the fall sports - Dallin has his last middle school cross country meet today and then they are going to East Coast Wings for dinner. Dallin has done really well at cross country! One week he came in 36th and the next he finished 7th! Even though only 4 boys show up to the meets and none of their runs 'count', Dallin runs for himself to see if he can improve each week.
Keenan and Tyler have 3 more soccer games and Ethan has just 1.
Dallin has about 1 more month for the club soccer season for fall. He will finish with a tournament in Charlotte - probably playing against some of his old teammates!
Hayleigh's GOTR (girls on the run - I know, strange name, isn't it? Makes them sound like a bunch of lost kids!) won't finish til her 5K run in December.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday at Disney

On Friday we went to Downtown Disney since our lunch reservations were at a restaurant there. Downtown Disney is a pretty cool place! There was a store called TrenD that had the neatest Disney stuff! I ALMOST talked myself into the cutest Tinkerbell bag, but I have so many bags now......

After our lunch, we went over to the Earl of Sandwich to use up some more of our Disney dining plan (WOW - that is such a great deal!!!) and got sandwiches for our ride home.

We left for home around 1:30 and walked in the door around 9 PM. i think it took until Sunday for us to cool off though - It was HOT in Florida!!!

What a great week!! We are hoping to go again at the same time of year (and really hoping Disney has the same vacation deal that we had this time!).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday at Disney

We started the day at Animal Kingdom and rode Expedition Everest again. We took the camera with us and got a picture of a really pretty bird - an Asian pheasant. It was very hot on Thursday!

After we got the pictures we wanted, we headed back over to Epcot since we didn't get to all of the countries - there's so much to see at Epcot!! I took pictures of the little train set near Germany.

We had a very yummy dinner in Biergarten! It's so interesting to look through each countries' areas.

I spent some time smelling all of the French perfumes and we got some fantastic smelling soap for Tim's mom to thank her for driving Dallin all over the place while we were gone.

We also got some Japanese candy for all of the kids and 2 really cute bracelets for the girls. Tim and I bought a Mickey Mouse jack-o-lantern. It's kind of like this big one that is in front of Mickey's house.

I forgot to mention that I found a hidden Mickey in the ride in the ball (spaceship earth)!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday at Disney

On Wednesday we spent the day at Epcot. The weather was horribly hot, so we spent lots of time at each country watching their presentations. Canada's was very good with Martin Short as the narrator.

AND --- to make it an awesome day - turns out that it was the International Food and Wine Festival! Our snacks that we were allowed per the Disney meal plan included yummy things like lamb chops from Australia, Paprika Beef Stew from Austria, a cheese plate with apple chutney and brown bread from Ireland and a seared sea scallop with lemon oil from New Zealand.

AND ---- we saw Better Than Ezra who was there playing for the concert series that Epcot has - what a great show!!

We also went to a place called Club Cool where we tasted sodas from around the world. Some were really good, but I gotta tell you that Italy's was DISGUSTING!!! It says that they drink something bitter to stimulate their appetites before a meal. I think it's because after you drink it, you want to shove anything else in your mouth to get rid of the taste!!

Epcot had their 'extra magic hours' on Wednesday night, so we stayed til about 11:30 and walked right up to some of the rides without waiting in line at all. (not that there were many lines to begin with - it's a great time of year to go!) I was surprised that I actually liked the Soarin' ride! We also loved just looking at all the aquariums at the Seas attraction. There was some kind of hairy black legged thing that hid under the rocks that we never saw more than just the legs of.

While I was waiting for Tim to use the bathroom, a little boy (probably around 4) got out of line and ran for the bathroom holding his mom's hand. A couple of minutes later he came out and announced to all of us "I made it!" and high-fived a couple of people. We were all laughing about that!

We ate a mid-afternoon meal at San Angel Inn in the Mexican Pavillion. Great food and atmosphere!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday at Disney

Tuesday was one of my favorite Disney days! We spent the day (and the evening!) in the Magic Kingdom. I remember so many of the rides from when I visited years ago - Peter Pan's, the Haunted Mansion, Dumbo - and many of the rides are either new or updated. Pirates of the Caribbean was AWESOME!!! We went on that twice. The Magic Kingdom was decorated for Halloween - so many jack-o-lanterns which I LOVE!

Tuesday night we had tickets to stay for the Not-so-scary Halloween Party. Halloween is so much fun! It was a celebration for all the Disney villains - they put on a great show at the Castle.

On a different note - Hayleigh gave our Family Home Evening lesson last night. She told a story about a little girl named Alicia who got a new dress. Her little brother cut up the dress thinking it was scrap fabric and Alicia forgave him. Hayleigh asked all of us what we would do if we were Alicia. When it was Kirsten's turn to answer she said, "I would get the duct tape and fix it." Smart kid!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday at Disney

On Monday, we spent the day in Animal Kingdom. Tim loves Animal Kingdom! I'm usually not fond of nature things and I absolutely HATED all the stupid little brown lizard things that were all over in the park, but I liked Animal Kingdom. We went on most of the rides - even Expedition Everest - and walked through Asia. While we were eating lunch from the bbq place (Flame Tree), a duck (not part of an exhibit - she was just a park crasher!) tried to beg food from us. There are signs everywhere telling people to PLEASE DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS, so we didn't feed her. It was hard having her stand between us and look pitifully back and forth at us!

The Finding Nemo Musical was fantastic!!

Monday night, we ate dinner at Cape May Cafe where they had a buffet. Tim's favorite from the buffet was the steamed clams. He must've eaten about 75 or so of them! I had the 'fun' experience of having the wait staff sing Happy Birthday to me.....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back from Disney!

Tim and I went to Disney World for a whole week!!! By ourselves!!!

We left last Sunday morning and got there around 3 PM. After checking into our hotel room, we hopped on the bus and went to Hollywood Studios. We went on everything and saw all the shows - I even went on the Tower of Terror and the Rock 'n Roller Coaster. (which I didn't really like....)

The Voyage of the Little Mermaid show was neat! I knew all of the words to the songs that they were singing because of how many thousands of times Brandee watched that movie! We also saw the show Fantasmic - it was very good!

We went to Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney for dinner and then called it a night.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yay for Soccer!

Keenan and Tyler had a fantastic game last night for their school!!!!

Keenan got a hat-trick and Tyler stopped dozens of goal attempts by West.

Here's the article from the newspaper (the Statesville Record and Landmark):

OLIN - West Iredell made a run late, but Keenan Watson had already given North Iredell plenty of wiggle room.

Watson scored three goals in the first 55 minutes Monday to power North Iredell to a critical 3-2 victory over West Iredell.

"I think I was seeing the field really well," Watson said. "I was trying to get other people going."

Watson's third goal came when he stepped in front of a West Iredell free kick attempt and had a clear lane to the goal.

The Warriors (7-2-2 overall, 2-1 North Piedmont Conference) made a game of it late, though.

Craig Vang scored on a penalty kick in the 66th minute to make it 3-1.

Less than five minutes later, Max McCoy found the back of the net to put West just one goal down.

"Our coaches told us to pick our heads back up," Watson said. "They said we thought we had it won when we went up 3-0, but we still had to finish it out."

They did, and the Raiders (5-3, 2-0) must now be considered a serious contender for the NPC championship.

North, West and Statesville are widely expected to compete for the conference crown. In the first match between any of those three teams this season, the Raiders have a leg up.

"I do think we can win the conference," Watson said.

Tang Moua made 10 saves for the Warriors, who entered the game on a three-game winning streak.

"We kept competing hard and pushing it late, but I thought North was completely the better team," West coach David Heintz said. "I thought they wanted it more than us. They set the tone early, and we had to try and catch up."

(photo from pre-season tournament at West)

Monday, September 21, 2009

slow and steady

Progress is being made on the house......slowly......but it's progress!

the old stairs -- going........



The spots for the new windows in the back

the new windows (back)

and the walls come crumbling down......


I added a couple of pictures to some posts below....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guess where????

Our family will have another member in IDAHO!!!

Kyle has been called to serve in the Boise Idaho mission!

(I think Brandee better tell him how COLD he's going to be after being a southern boy for 13 years!)

Kyle will report to the MTC on November 11th. The numbers thing is funny for Kyle ---- for years as we were driving home from soccer practice he would look up at the clock at 9:11. Well - he got his mission call on 9/11/09. He is to report to the MTC on 11/11/09 and he will be 'officially' done his mission in 2 years - on 11/11/11. Weird, isn't it?

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th

I was walking on a treadmill at Fitness Today Lady watching TV when the program switched to live coverage of a plane hitting one of the Twin Towers. I turned to my friend Sheila and said "that's not just an accident". We both watched in horror as the 2nd plane was shown hitting the other tower. I got off the treadmill and called Tim and told him to put Fox News on. Then Sheila and I both left the gym. I got home in time to watch the towers fall. The overwhelming sadness and fear eventually gave way to determination to restore our lifestyles and our sense of well being. As the stories came out, there was such a sense of pride in our nation! The sacrifices and the bravery were amazing.

Over the next couple of weeks, we stayed glued to the news and also tried to keep things 'normal' for the kids. We would talk about the things they heard during the day at school and try to clear things up if they were given wrong or vague information.

At a soccer game several weeks after the attack, we all stood and watched a plane fly over - realizing that we hadn't seen one in so long. It brought to mind all that we take for granted living in this country - things that we felt we were 'entitled' to have instead of being grateful for our many blessings.

8 years later we have a 'new normal' - making sure we live free - but at the same time be aware of what is going on.

“Time is passing. Yet, for the United States of America, there will be no forgetting September the 11th. We will remember every rescuer who died in honor. We will remember every family that lives in grief. We will remember the fire and ash, the last phone calls, the funerals of the children. “
- President George W. Bush, November 11, 2001

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Work, Work, Work

YAY! The new windows in the old half are going in! Too bad the kids thought a 3 day weekend meant vacation...... NOT around here!

AND - NO MORE POPCORN CRAP ON THE CEILING!!!!! (Tyler and Dallin scraping...and scraping.....and scraping)

School is going great - the schedule this year is really good. Keenan, Tyler, Ethan and Hayleigh all get up at the same time. The boys go to seminary (Tyler and Ethan with Tim and Keenan in the little red car because he goes to Statesville High School during the school day for auto tech). Hayleigh and I walk to the end of the driveway to get the bus. Elementary school is now starting at 7:30. It's okay for our family, but I wonder how many kids are going home to empty houses waiting for their older siblings to get home from high school. The high school starts at 8:15, so they don't get out til 3:15.

After school is keeping us busy. Hayleigh is doing Girls on the Run (GOTR) again. She really enjoys running. Dallin decided to do cross country at the middle school - his first meet is this Wednesday. Dallin is also doing club soccer for Winston - which has taken some getting used too! Practice is only 20 minutes from our house instead of the 1 hour+ it used to take us to go to Charlotte. Thank goodness Winston also wears blue! After 8 years of saying "go blue" it would be hard to remember something different! Keenan, Tyler and Ethan are playing soccer for school. Keenan has a painful knee injury right now that is probably his ACL (Brandee and Kyle tore theirs, so Keenan would be next in line!). He is wearing the brace that we bought for Brandee (Kyle wore it too so we are really getting our money's worth out of that thing!). We will get it checked when the season is over. He really wants to play some for his senior year. Keenan also has to march for band! His knee never gets a chance to rest! (we were kind of laughing the other day - he got fouled in a game and his right hand swelled up - the knee that is injured is his left - and the car is a stick shift - the right hand and left leg are very important when you drive a stick shift!)

Kirsten and I have been doing the housework together during the day while everyone is at school. She is such a good little helper! Yesterday, she was 'helping' put the new windows in. She held stuff for Tyler and got nails and tools (at least the ones she could pick up) for the boys. She kept 2 of those flat pencils in the pocket of her overalls jumper and made sure that Tim was always able to find his pencil when he needed it. She really wore herself out and told Tim last night that she was 'seepy' and ready for bed. She is still asleep this morning (it's 8:15!).

We took a picture to submit for Kyle's mission stuff - he put on his shirt, tie and coat......took the 'head shot' picture.....and then we took a 'full body shot'.....wonder if we submitted the right one????

We should be hearing very soon where he will be going for the next 2 years. So many possibilities!!! We've all been taking guesses. Kyle thinks Africa - he keeps dreaming about giraffes. (don't try to analyze it - it's just giraffes) I think somewhere in Europe would be fun - I have family in Holland and Kyle loves EPL soccer. It would ironic if he was called to the Philadelphia mission. Who knows?? Where do you think he'll be sent? Leave a guess in the comments and we'll post here as soon as we find out.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to School!

I can't believe the kids start back to school on Tuesday! Keenan, Tyler and Ethan will be in high school, Dallin in middle school and Hayleigh in elementary --- this is the last year that Kirsten will be home with me. I wonder what I'm going to do when she goes to school next year with all the free time I will have - hahahaha! I will probably do what I do now - laundry, soccer things, church things, clean, cook, etc.... I will just be able to watch HGTV instead of Nickelodeon! (Although I love Franklin and Little Bear)

This seems like just yesterday:

(First day of school 2005)

Keenan and Tyler (in the middle school uniforms) are now almost done high school! Keenan is a senior and Tyler is a junior. Ethan is a Freshman and will also start early morning seminary! Dallin is all by himself at the middle school - and will be all by himself on the bus too (whew - no more calls that he and Ethan are fighting!!!). Hayleigh is in 4th grade and couldn't believe her class supply list when we went to open house last night. She doesn't have crayons listed and she is so sad!

I told Kirsten that I would teach her how to write her name this year while everyone is at school. She told me that she needs bigger hands and I need to wait. Goofy kid!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Boys!

I can't believe time has gone by so quickly that Kyle will be 19 years old tomorrow and Keenan will be 18 on Sunday!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

it shouldn't be funny but...

Hayleigh has been sick the past couple of days. She was supposed to go to the beach with one of her school friends and ended up not being able to go! I felt so bad for her!

She is finally up and playing with Kirsten and fighting with Dallin (so I know she feels better!).

It was so funny the other day - and I know she was sick and wasn't thinking right - but we all laughed anyway ----- she wanted to say "I feel weak", but she said "I feel plump" instead! It was VERY funny - even Hayleigh laughed a little!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a stinker!

I should've realized something was up....something was being planned......when Hayleigh very kindly asked me if she could throw some trash away for me!

When I've had a magazine 'long enough', I go through it and rip out any recipes, articles or photos that interest me and stick them in a folder. Yesterday I decided to go through the folder and throw away the stuff I no longer wanted. I had a huge pile of wadded up papers next to me on the floor. Hayleigh said, "mom, can I throw this stuff away for you?". I said, "wow! sure you can! What a helper you are!". Little did I know that she had taken the trash and stuffed Dallin's bed with it........

If she can plan stuff like this at her current age...what are these 2 going to be like in a couple of years? I am REALLY thankful that they won't be in high school at the same time! I think the principal would have my phone number on speed dial!


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