Saturday, January 12, 2019

Christmas at Our House

Christmas had our house so full of people! It was really awesome! Had to take a break from gifts and take Hayleigh to the airport so she could go to California and surprise Corey. (His response was "how are you here?" - I think I would've said that I finally figured out how to apparate.) 

Friday, December 28, 2018

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Door-to-Door Selling 101

Last night, we had a vacuum cleaner salesman show up at our door. I am going to give everyone a crash course in selling!

1 - DO NOT hand me a roll of cheap paper towels and tell me you only need 6 minutes of my time to show me how much cleaner my house can become.
2 - DO listen when I tell you that I am not interested and I only came to the door in the first place because you wouldn't stop pounding on it.
3 - DO NOT tell me to hold on to the towels (which you say are mine if I listen to your spiel) while you run and get your vacuum. If I said I didn't want to see it, that means I really don't. Please consider yourself blessed that you didn't get in and that I am still wishing you good luck with your sales.
4 - DO NOT barge back in with the vacuum in a box and plead with me to let you show me your vacuum since you "get paid even if you don't sell it". I am pretty sure that I was clear when I said I didn't want you showing me the stupid vacuum and that it would be a waste of time.
5 - DO NOT ask me what type of vacuum I have and then criticize it. When you do that, you are telling me that you do not trust me to make good choices - SO WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?
6 - At this point, why don't you just go on with your 6 minutes and consider it a sign that THE GAMES HAVE BEGUN.
7 - Please feel free to ask me the following question "When you vacuum, do you want to vacuum ALL of the dirt up, or just some of it?" And of course, expect the answer to be "I only want to vacuum up some of it; this is a farm and I think that a little dirt just adds to the ambiance, don't you?"
8 - DO NOT come up with a what-you-think-is-cute-but-is-actually-very-derogatory nickname like "Momma". I didn't give birth to you; you should consider yourself lucky that you aren't one of my kids because I would've jacked you up and kicked your tail.
9 - Since we are on a nickname basis, I do not feel bad to let you know once again that I AM NOT BUYING THAT VACUUM YOU KEEP UNBOXING.
10 - Go ahead and plug in that vacuum and make us all try to push it around so we can see just 'how easy it is". Make sure that you do the upstairs and downstairs and the stairs while you're at it. Then I won't need to vacuum for another year or so.
11 - DO NOT show me that nasty filter that contains cat hair and farm dirt. It's in your vacuum now - the same one that is going to leave with you when you leave WHICH IS VERY SOON.
12 - Please take the hint that since no one is paying attention to you except the 4 and 5 year old, that you are NOT selling that vacuum here.
13 - DO NOT try to lay on a guilt trip by telling me you've never reboxed a vacuum after you've shown it to someone. I feel it is my duty to help you learn to rebox that thing.
14 - It doesn't make me feel bad that you have to call your accomplice - I mean, your boss - to come back and get you. Did you think you were going to live here?
15 - That bottle of water you asked for on the way out and offered to pay for, it's $2500.00. I'll trade you the vacuum for it. Hope it spills. Oh wait! You took the cheap paper towels that you told me were mine, jackwagon.

There. I love being helpful.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

30th Class Reunion??

What the heck? I graduated 30 years ago? Can't believe it!

Tim and I went to PA for my reunion. It was a really great trip! On Friday night, we met up with several of our long-time friends at Tohickon Tavern. Such a fun time seeing everyone! On Saturday, we drove to Doylestown from Easton and visited with my mom's cousin Mickey and his wife Arlene. I learned a little about my great grandparents and got a couple of jars of the famous Pickled Garlic I've heard so much about.

Saturday evening was my reunion. I went a little early to set up a memorial table for the classmates that have passed away.

On Sunday, we went to the Pocono Indy Race and got to see Keenan for a bit. The race was red flagged for 2 hours because of an awful crash that caused the driver to need to be helicoptered to Lehigh Valley Hospital. Keenan actually got home before we did because he flew and we drove...

Kirsten's first day of 8th grade!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Summer Summer Summer

Tim and I had the opportunity to go to the Mid-Ohio IndyCar race! So much fun to get a weekend away together! Ohio was really pretty - the wildflowers grew right up against the roads and there were farms everywhere. We drove past a lot of fields and pastures and farms, and then all of a sudden - there was the racetrack!

Keenan and Tim

American Classics ;)

We've been having so many storms this summer. MAJOR storms - not just little "it's too hot today so there will be a thunderstorm in the afternoon" storms. 

This is the road that we always take to town. Going to be traveling a different way for a little bit. 

They said "2 weeks" but I'm wondering if that's like the movie Money Pit when they tell Tom Hanks that it will be "2 weeks" to finish his house!

What a mess!

Mallory went back to work and I get to watch Layten and his new little brother Aven! Such a sweet little baby!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Universal Studios Florida

The Monday after school was out for the summer, Hayleigh, Kirsten, and I went to my Aunt Judy's in Florida. We took a drive around her neighborhood the first night and stopped at the beach.

Aunt Judy was a librarian and loves Harry Potter, so she invited us to go to Universal Studios with her. It was a lot of fun! But, MAN Florida is hot in the summer! I'd love to go again, but maybe in January!

My honest review of Universal is that it doesn't even come close to Disney! I personally think that Disney would've done a much better job with a Harry Potter themed area in their park. The food was ho-hum and expensive. The souvenirs were expensive. 3 of the rides in Harry Potter are thrill type rides; definitely not for a broad range of ages. The Hogwarts Express was ok - but I'd rather look at the real outside instead of a movie in the window! I am pretty sure that if you are visiting just to see Harry Potter, you can do it in one day. And do it when it's cooler for heaven's sake!


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