Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Hayleigh had enough credits to take advantage of early graduation in January, but she is still going to walk and receive her diploma in June. We took some photos to use for her graduation announcement, but we're hoping that the sun might come out and we can get some more!
Ready for the JROTC Ball... Corey is attending via photo.

The shop cat loves his photo taken. He is so weird.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


This girl turns 18 today! Happy birthday Hayleigh!

A new grandchild joined our family! Welcome Aven Thomas!

Kirsten became a teen on March 29th! Happy birthday!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Trip to St. Pete!

Tim and I took a quick trip down to St. Petersburg for the first Indy race of the season! We stopped at my aunt Judy's house and stayed there Friday night, and then we went further south to the race. The stands are really cool at St. Pete because they are right behind pit road! We got to sit right behind Newgarden's stall and watch Keenan during the race. Unfortunately, we forgot sunscreen and ended up nice and red when we woke up at home Monday morning!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Road Trip to Utah

We (Tim, Dallin, Hayleigh, Kirsten, and I) drove out to Utah over Thanksgiving break so we could see family - especially our new granddaughter who was due to be born on 11/16.

We got delayed in Wyoming for awhile because the road was closed and there really wasn't a good way around. We found a place to have some lunch and just waited it out.

All of the trucks waited too! We slowly drove over the snowy/icy highway and were only about 5 hours behind.

Baby Louisa was born on 11/17 as we were driving! We went right to the hospital to see her, even though it was 10 PM!

Hayleigh outside at Brandee & Scott's.

The mountain view from Brandee & Scott's deck.

Hayleigh and Kirsten took Mia outside to play several times.

We went to SLC and spent time with Tyler, Caitlin, and the girls. We went to a really cool mall and stopped at Lion House to get warm rolls with honey butter - HEAVENLY!

SLC Temple at night waiting for the Christmas lights to be turned on for the first time this season.


Friday, December 1, 2017

With a Heavy Heart

My dear friend Liz passed away on November 20th. I am heartbroken. I went to PA yesterday for her service - it was lovely, by the way! I had a chance to speak and share some things about our many years as friends. Since I was pretty incoherent to my own ears, I thought I'd also share what I said here:

Once upon a time, in my elementary school, a new girl with very curly hair moved in. On her first day, Liz was wearing Daisy Duke shorts and tan pantyhose. She and I started talking and she told me that she had laid out in the sun all summer and that's why her legs were so tan. I informed her that he tan had a run in it. She started laughing; I started laughing and a friendship began. It soon turned into a best friendship and we pretty much lived at each other's houses for years.

In jr high school, we had many classes together, much to our teachers' dismay. We could carry on entire conversations by reading each other's lips. When the English teacher got after us because of it, we told her that we were practicing nonverbal communication. We spent weekends together listening to Loverboy, Joan Jett, and Meatloaf. We planned to write a book about our lives because we found ourselves so interesting, we figured other people would want to read about us. We snacked on Skor bars and Dr. Pepper sodas. In sr high, it was harder to spend much time together; I took business classes and Liz took academic classes. We became pretty good at tossing notes to each other in the halls during class changes.

By our senior year, we were still friends, but our lives were on different paths. We tried to get together often after graduation, but one thing led to another and we lost contact. I signed up for and hoped that eventually Liz would sign up too. She finally did and I paid the fee so that I could message her. It was so much fun being in contact again. Because Liz didn't have a computer at home yet, we once again wrote notes to each other.

And now it seems that our paths are different once again. The actor Jack Lemmon said that Death ends a life, not a relationship. The girl scouts sing a song that says "make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold." A gold friendship lasts forever.

So. my old, gold friend, I will think of you always and rejoice that one day we will meet again.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Slow Down!

Goodness! Life sure has a way of going past at breakneck speed and stressing one out! My very dear friend from elementary school - a bazillion years ago - has been enduring some major health issues and is currently in ICU. She has been on my mind 24/7 and it's made me look at some of the things I have a habit of complaining, being lazy, putting things off, etc...
My friend and I in 2005 - shortly after baby #8 was born!

So I have been doing my favorite thing - googling my problems! I recently came across the concept of Hygge. If you haven't read about it, I highly suggest that you do! I am going to work on living this theory - and believe it or, it's Danish - and you guessed it - my friend in ICU is DANISH! It seems like it is fitting to begin this. I will post photos once I have a chance to make some lists (yes, I am a list maker!) and cozy up some places in my home.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Olivia is Here!

Tim and I drove out to Idaho in March for Olivia's birth. We were thrilled to be able to be there and to see everyone! 


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