Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas!

It snowed on Christmas Day this year! It was beautiful!

We already took down the tree and put away the Christmas things so Tim and the boys can keep working on the hardwood floors (yay!!)

We opened gifts in age order this year - youngest to oldest. When she opened her very first gift, Kirsten said "yay mom! You got it right this year!". We never know what she's going to say, but it's usually funny!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Keenan is going to Salt Lake City!

Keenan has been called to serve in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission! He will report to the MTC February 16th, 2011.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Morning and other Things

I love the way the sky looks in the mornings while the girls and I are waiting for the school bus! (at 6:55 AM!)

Hayleigh's 'never ending' volleyball season finally did end. It seemed that just when we thought it was over, there was yet another tournament they signed up for. Hayleigh had a fun time learning how to play volleyball, but she's not sure it's her 'thing'. Not like the running - she loves running - she'll be doing GOTR again in the spring.

I made a cute craft to add to my ledge this Christmas. The white frames are from the Dollar Tree and the stickers are from the Martha Stewart line for Christmas this year.

The kitten has been allowed in the house during the day. Apparently Misty is teaching her some not so good stuff. Like how to sneak up on to the kitchen counter. The kitten fell in the sink and Misty looked at her in disgust, so I'm not sure the kitten thinks it's all that fun to be on the counter. The girls have been calling the kitten 'Oreo'.

Dallin had his first soccer tournament of the season. He played in the CASL college showcase and did really well the first game. The other games were so-so, but since we beat a CASL team 5-1, I didn't really care about winning the other games. We've been participating in the CASL tournament for YEARS. We've never beaten a CASL team. It was awesome! In the past, we've had horrible weather - some years it snowed, some years it was nasty windy rainy crap and everyone would end up sick. This year, the weather was GORGEOUS! In the low 70s! I even took my jacket off (although I did have a winter coat, blanket and umbrella in the van just in case!)

Kirsten made a cute fall tree using fruity pebbles as the leaves! I took a picture of it because I have a funny feeling that storing fruity pebbles in her school memory box is not a good plan.


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