Saturday, December 18, 2010

Keenan is going to Salt Lake City!

Keenan has been called to serve in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission! He will report to the MTC February 16th, 2011.


Susan Staus said...

Hey that is where my hubby served! Well, he served in Salt Lake City South. He loved it!! Congrats!!!
Dave (my hubby) wants to know if Keenan is as surprised as he was to get called there.

Candice said...

Susan - yes Keenan is VERY surprised! It's ironic how it's worked out - Brandee lived in Idaho (Rexburg) when Kyle was called to serve in Boise. Now she lives in Utah (Provo) and Keenan was called to serve in SLC. Wonder where she'll move next - that's where Tyler will serve!

Susan Staus said...

That is funny! Tyler should pick where he wants to go and tell Brandee to move there.
Dave's sister lived in Manti, UT (sp?) when he was on his mission, but had in-laws in SLC. I know she visited him once or twice and Dave visited her before he went into the MTC.
Good thing Keenan is athletic, he'll be riding a bike a lot.


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