Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Know It!!!!

I'm married to such an awesome guy!!!

As much as I want to leave his post right there so that I can see it first thing every day, I also want to let everyone know what has been happening around here.....

Kyle is down to the final couple of things to get ready for his mission. We went shopping yesterday and ended up getting him 4 suits in all because they were on a buy 1 get 1 free sale - but NOT each half price - and you know I can't pass up a sale!!!

He still needs a camera, a back pack and a jacket (but Brandee and Scott are going to take care of the jacket - thank you!!!) and we'll get the other things by the end of the week.

Kirsten had such a fun time going shopping with Kyle yesterday! He carries her on his shoulders and makes her laugh and she makes him laugh by saying such silly things - they are going to miss each other! But, 2 years goes by so FAST!!!

Keenan and Tyler have a soccer game tonight - Round 1 of the state playoffs!

Keenan is starting to get ready for his mission - we went to the dentist 2 days ago to start that mess. For the past couple of times that he went, the dentist has been opting not to do x-rays because Keenan's teeth look good. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! He has 19 (yes 19!!!) cavities. YIKES!!! Any donations to the Keenan Dental Fund will be greatly appreciated!


toby and amy said...

Holy cow!!! 19 cavities!! I think that dentist should have done those x-rays much, much sooner!! And I hear that Kyle's girlfriend is talking to the missionaries now! That is awesome!

Susan Staus said...

Wow! 19, that's craziness that the dentist didn't want to do x-rays. Mine does it every whatever the time frame is, year I think. Good luck with that one.
Wow, your first missionary getting down to the wire... That is so awesome!!! I can't believe Kyle is that old! Best of luck to him!!!


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