Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Work, Work, Work

YAY! The new windows in the old half are going in! Too bad the kids thought a 3 day weekend meant vacation...... NOT around here!

AND - NO MORE POPCORN CRAP ON THE CEILING!!!!! (Tyler and Dallin scraping...and scraping.....and scraping)

School is going great - the schedule this year is really good. Keenan, Tyler, Ethan and Hayleigh all get up at the same time. The boys go to seminary (Tyler and Ethan with Tim and Keenan in the little red car because he goes to Statesville High School during the school day for auto tech). Hayleigh and I walk to the end of the driveway to get the bus. Elementary school is now starting at 7:30. It's okay for our family, but I wonder how many kids are going home to empty houses waiting for their older siblings to get home from high school. The high school starts at 8:15, so they don't get out til 3:15.

After school is keeping us busy. Hayleigh is doing Girls on the Run (GOTR) again. She really enjoys running. Dallin decided to do cross country at the middle school - his first meet is this Wednesday. Dallin is also doing club soccer for Winston - which has taken some getting used too! Practice is only 20 minutes from our house instead of the 1 hour+ it used to take us to go to Charlotte. Thank goodness Winston also wears blue! After 8 years of saying "go blue" it would be hard to remember something different! Keenan, Tyler and Ethan are playing soccer for school. Keenan has a painful knee injury right now that is probably his ACL (Brandee and Kyle tore theirs, so Keenan would be next in line!). He is wearing the brace that we bought for Brandee (Kyle wore it too so we are really getting our money's worth out of that thing!). We will get it checked when the season is over. He really wants to play some for his senior year. Keenan also has to march for band! His knee never gets a chance to rest! (we were kind of laughing the other day - he got fouled in a game and his right hand swelled up - the knee that is injured is his left - and the car is a stick shift - the right hand and left leg are very important when you drive a stick shift!)

Kirsten and I have been doing the housework together during the day while everyone is at school. She is such a good little helper! Yesterday, she was 'helping' put the new windows in. She held stuff for Tyler and got nails and tools (at least the ones she could pick up) for the boys. She kept 2 of those flat pencils in the pocket of her overalls jumper and made sure that Tim was always able to find his pencil when he needed it. She really wore herself out and told Tim last night that she was 'seepy' and ready for bed. She is still asleep this morning (it's 8:15!).

We took a picture to submit for Kyle's mission stuff - he put on his shirt, tie and coat......took the 'head shot' picture.....and then we took a 'full body shot'.....wonder if we submitted the right one????

We should be hearing very soon where he will be going for the next 2 years. So many possibilities!!! We've all been taking guesses. Kyle thinks Africa - he keeps dreaming about giraffes. (don't try to analyze it - it's just giraffes) I think somewhere in Europe would be fun - I have family in Holland and Kyle loves EPL soccer. It would ironic if he was called to the Philadelphia mission. Who knows?? Where do you think he'll be sent? Leave a guess in the comments and we'll post here as soon as we find out.


Yamile said...

you know, there's been a lot of people in my stake called to India. They just reorganized their missions. Oh! Romania would be fun too!
I don't know how you can do all you do. I'm going crazy with only 2 kids in school and extracurricular activities!

Anne said...

Jason is going to guess Guatemala. Riley says London and I say Canada. I won't specify where in Canada so I cover all my bases.


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