Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday at Disney

On Wednesday we spent the day at Epcot. The weather was horribly hot, so we spent lots of time at each country watching their presentations. Canada's was very good with Martin Short as the narrator.

AND --- to make it an awesome day - turns out that it was the International Food and Wine Festival! Our snacks that we were allowed per the Disney meal plan included yummy things like lamb chops from Australia, Paprika Beef Stew from Austria, a cheese plate with apple chutney and brown bread from Ireland and a seared sea scallop with lemon oil from New Zealand.

AND ---- we saw Better Than Ezra who was there playing for the concert series that Epcot has - what a great show!!

We also went to a place called Club Cool where we tasted sodas from around the world. Some were really good, but I gotta tell you that Italy's was DISGUSTING!!! It says that they drink something bitter to stimulate their appetites before a meal. I think it's because after you drink it, you want to shove anything else in your mouth to get rid of the taste!!

Epcot had their 'extra magic hours' on Wednesday night, so we stayed til about 11:30 and walked right up to some of the rides without waiting in line at all. (not that there were many lines to begin with - it's a great time of year to go!) I was surprised that I actually liked the Soarin' ride! We also loved just looking at all the aquariums at the Seas attraction. There was some kind of hairy black legged thing that hid under the rocks that we never saw more than just the legs of.

While I was waiting for Tim to use the bathroom, a little boy (probably around 4) got out of line and ran for the bathroom holding his mom's hand. A couple of minutes later he came out and announced to all of us "I made it!" and high-fived a couple of people. We were all laughing about that!

We ate a mid-afternoon meal at San Angel Inn in the Mexican Pavillion. Great food and atmosphere!

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