Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday at Disney

Tuesday was one of my favorite Disney days! We spent the day (and the evening!) in the Magic Kingdom. I remember so many of the rides from when I visited years ago - Peter Pan's, the Haunted Mansion, Dumbo - and many of the rides are either new or updated. Pirates of the Caribbean was AWESOME!!! We went on that twice. The Magic Kingdom was decorated for Halloween - so many jack-o-lanterns which I LOVE!

Tuesday night we had tickets to stay for the Not-so-scary Halloween Party. Halloween is so much fun! It was a celebration for all the Disney villains - they put on a great show at the Castle.

On a different note - Hayleigh gave our Family Home Evening lesson last night. She told a story about a little girl named Alicia who got a new dress. Her little brother cut up the dress thinking it was scrap fabric and Alicia forgave him. Hayleigh asked all of us what we would do if we were Alicia. When it was Kirsten's turn to answer she said, "I would get the duct tape and fix it." Smart kid!

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