Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday at Disney

On Friday we went to Downtown Disney since our lunch reservations were at a restaurant there. Downtown Disney is a pretty cool place! There was a store called TrenD that had the neatest Disney stuff! I ALMOST talked myself into the cutest Tinkerbell bag, but I have so many bags now......

After our lunch, we went over to the Earl of Sandwich to use up some more of our Disney dining plan (WOW - that is such a great deal!!!) and got sandwiches for our ride home.

We left for home around 1:30 and walked in the door around 9 PM. i think it took until Sunday for us to cool off though - It was HOT in Florida!!!

What a great week!! We are hoping to go again at the same time of year (and really hoping Disney has the same vacation deal that we had this time!).

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