Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Too cute to correct

Kirsten has been saying some cute things that are SO grammatically wrong, but they are SO darn cute that I don't have the heart to correct her! I'm sure that I'm not the only mom who has ever done that!!

She is confusing her/she and him/he all the time. The other day when I asked her where Tim was, she said, "Hims in the office". She also says things like 'hims working in the shop' or 'hims on the phone'.

She found a paper of Hayleigh's on the floor and said, "Hers 'gotfer' this paper". Yep - 'gotfer' means 'forgot/forget' in English.

Oh so cute!!!!

Dallin had a funny conversation with a referee at his game on Sunday - the opposing team's goalie came way off his line and ran into one of our players - they both fell and our player got up, but the goalie sat there and waited for the ref to blow the whistle. Dallin turned to the ref and said, "don't you blow that whistle. He's not injured, he's just watching me." Dallin took the ball around the seated goalie and scored. His team won 6-2 after being down 2-1. Dallin got 4 assists and a goal!

Last night was senior night at the high school soccer game. Lyn and I made fleece blankets for the seniors again - all 6 of them! The seniors are 'escorted' from one side of the field by their parents (or whoever) to the other side while a little speech that they have written is read over the loudspeaker. Here is Keenan's speech -

Keenan Watson, escorted by his mom Candice Watson.

"First, I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunities that I have had in my life to play soccer.

I would like to thank my parents for driving me all over the place during the 8 years that I played with Charlotte Soccer club. Thanks also to the many coaches and DOCs that I have had.

I'd also like to thank my 4 brothers Kyle, Tyler, Ethan and Dallin for not holding anything back when we play soccer at home. And thanks to my 3 sisters Brandee, Hayleigh and Kirsten for being my fans.

In the 3 years that I've played school soccer, I have been lucky to have many friends on the team. And I'm really glad that we don't have Arby's anymore for away games.

When I graduate, I am planning to go on a 2-year mission for my church to wherever they send me.

When I return from my mission, I am hoping to attend UTI in Florida."

Hayleigh wanted to read it over and over again because she said it was so sweet!

We are almost done most of the fall sports - Dallin has his last middle school cross country meet today and then they are going to East Coast Wings for dinner. Dallin has done really well at cross country! One week he came in 36th and the next he finished 7th! Even though only 4 boys show up to the meets and none of their runs 'count', Dallin runs for himself to see if he can improve each week.
Keenan and Tyler have 3 more soccer games and Ethan has just 1.
Dallin has about 1 more month for the club soccer season for fall. He will finish with a tournament in Charlotte - probably playing against some of his old teammates!
Hayleigh's GOTR (girls on the run - I know, strange name, isn't it? Makes them sound like a bunch of lost kids!) won't finish til her 5K run in December.

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Susan Staus said...

I love when kids say things wrong, it is so cute!!!

Wow, I just can't believe Keenan is a senior! That is such a cute thing he wrote up!!

What great kids you have!!!


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