Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A 5k and a Parade

On December 5th, Hayleigh and Keenan ran in her Girls on the Run 5K. It was in town around Mitchell College. It was SUCH a nasty day weather-wise! Cold and rainy.... Hayleigh and Keenan came in 4th overall and 2nd for her school! They did great!

While they were running, I happened to notice a beautifully decorated house next to the college - it was going to be part of the historic home tour that afternoon - and it just so happpened that Graeme had won tickets to the home tour and Lyn and I decided to go! There were some amazing decorations - it was a lot of fun (even if the weather was HORRIBLE).

On Sunday December 6th, Harmony had their Christmas Parade. Keenan and Ethan marched and the girls and I went to see them. It's a shame that because of weather, the Statesville Christmas Parade was cancelled last Sunday. The bands are so much fun to watch.

Some stuff from Kyle:

December 3rd - (Letter - Nampa)

Hey, I'm in Nampa, Idaho. It's my first area. I'm riding a bike. In 16 degree weather. Just a little bit cold. So far we've been having a lot of success. After all, it's Idaho. My companion, Elder Guidroz, and I have been averaging 7 lessons a day. We already have 2 baptism commitments. Everyone here has been feeding us. Biking is fun and I get to do it for about 12 hours today! In 12 degrees! Sweet! Time to get to work.
P.S. I think it's warming up! (NOT)

December 15th - (email - Nampa)

I met Elder Rowe of the Seventy yesterday. He shook my hand and said "Elder Watson, you have an aura about you that says 'I am here to work' and I don't expect anything less. In fact, I expect to hear a lot of good things about you." So that was really cool. I have been getting a lot of packages from people. Can you forward a big thank you to Susan Staus and her family? So far we have 3 baptism dates and 20 new investigators. Tell my brothers I said to be good because I can talk to Elder Holland anytime and make sure that they are sent somewhere really hard like tribal Brazil. (just kidding)
Got to go to work. Tell everyone I said hi.

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Susan Staus said...

The bands are my favorite part of the parade! Way to go kiddos!!!


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