Saturday, April 18, 2020


I am ok with staying home. I am ok with washing my hands after doing things in public (I did that anyway!!). I am ok with making sure I have enough food and other essentials in the house. I am ok with my daughter doing online school. 

However, I am having a tough time without sports!! I love watching all kinds of sports - soccer, ice hockey, racing, tennis, and the olympics (which were supposed to be this summer!). 

I know what most people are saying "sports and concerts and things like that aren't important; health comes first". I get that! I really do. 

BUT - I think that the competition, the interaction, the entertainment, the rooting for a team or driver or athlete adds so much to LIVING that it's hard to do without it! 

Monday, April 13, 2020

Social Distancing

Here's another catch phrase from our "NEW NORMAL" that I'm really not a fan of - SOCIAL DISTANCING. I think the phrase that should be used is 'physical distancing' because of all the times in our lives, right now is not a good time to become socially distant.

I truly believe that humans were created to be in social groups! We do not do well left alone. Our relationships are so incredibly important. We have family circles and friendship circles. We have church families, and work families.

The most incredible part of this age that we live in is that our technology enables us to keep in touch with all of our families! We don't need "social distancing"! If nothing else, we should become closer! We should be taking the time to check in on our circles - the time we didn't have before because we filled our lives with busyness and silliness trying to be important. Create facebook groups; snapchat groups; email groups.... whatever you can that will allow you to interact with the most important part of your life - PEOPLE!

This goes back to Adam and Eve - they were created to start the human race; to start families. PEOPLE are the reason!!


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