Friday, August 27, 2010

It really isn't better outside the fence!

Do you see anything wrong in this picture? (other than our driveway REALLY needs new stone)

Can you see it better now?

YES, that is a COW HOOF PRINT! In the middle of the driveway! What the heck?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Kirsten was so excited to go to Open House at school on Monday and find out who her teacher would be! When we took her to her classroom, she found her seat right away, sat down and wanted to stay. We explained to her that we needed to go buy some more school things for her so she couldn't start school right then. Later that night, Kirsten realized that none of us would be staying in her class with her....she cried for about an hour!

We told Kirsten that school is just 7 hours (she likes to count) and that it would go by quickly and then she can come home and play. Wednesday morning, the girls had to be up at 6 AM (hopefully they will start being tired at night instead of excited and go to sleep earlier so I don't have to beg and plead and threaten in the morning!). Hayleigh and Kirsten decided on cereal for breakfast and then packed their stuff up. Kirsten kept reminding everyone that school is 'just 7'.

Tim and I walked the girls up to the end of the driveway to wait for the bus. It was cute to see Kirsten walking - her backpack is not really big, she is just tiny!

The bus finally arrived (a little late) and the girls got on and left - Kirsten had no problem at all getting on the bus. She didn't even turn around and wave, although we did get to wave at her when she sat down - her little head was barely peeking through the window!

I had my first 'stay at home by myself day'. I basically did the normal things I always do - laundry, dishes, cooked dinner, and I got my lesson and activity ready for the class I teach Wednesday nights at church. I found some time to play the new game I downloaded onto my phone - Alchemy (it is VERY addictive!). Tim and Keenan worked in the shop and then went to our favorite place for haircuts - Beth & Company Salon. I walked back up to meet Hayleigh and Kirsten from the bus. I looked at the mail while I waited for them, and then I put it back in the box because Kirsten REALLY wanted to get the mail like the 'bigger' kids always did.

I asked Kirsten how her day was and she said that she drank all her juice at lunch. I said "you must have been thirsty! Did you get a water bottle for your classroom?" She said, "No, their have a water fountain and their have a bathroom." Hopefully, 'their' will have a great English program too!
Early morning seminary starts next week, so hopefully we will get back in the 'groove' of school and have things on a schedule and I might have all the stupid papers the kids bring home all filled out by then too! I ought to know by now to just fill one out and make copies, but that would actually need some common sense which I think I lost somewhere around the 4th kid.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary and Soccer (and a skink)

Happy Anniversary Brandee and Scott! 2 years today!

I really HATE skinks (known also as blue-tailed lizards)!
If you look very closely under the dolly, you will see a tailess skink. ACK! Apparently he/she/it already discarded it or maybe the cat caught that part of it. GROSS! Thank goodness Tyler was home and helped to try and get it out. I caught the whole fiasco in pictures:

(notice how brave Kirsten is sitting on the chair watching from a distance - hahaha! - AND YES, I KNOW THAT I AM THE BIGGEST CHICKEN STANDING ON THE STAIRS WAY FAR AWAY TAKING THE PICTURES, BUT WE AREN'T TALKING ABOUT THAT!)

The skink wasn't located and removed at this time though.....several hours later, I noticed the cat staring at the basket full of dollhouse furniture. Tim was home at that time, so I asked him politely (begged and whined actually!) if he could take the basket outside and dump it and see if the skink was in it. Sure enough, it was and it is now FREE to grow a new tail and STAY outside (if it knows what's good for it!).

I really LOVE soccer! Last Friday night was the annual NIHS Alumni Soccer Game. Keenan played on the Alumni side for the first time and scored 3 goals! Alumni won 5-0.

Saturday was the annual Soccer Jamboree at West High School. It was hot, but the sun wasn't out, so it wasn't as bad as it has been in past years. The games were awesome - we won 2 and lost one. Dallin was subbed on halfway through the first game and received a great pass from Ethan and scored within 3 minutes of coming on! So cool!

Wednesday night, we went up to the high school for our first season games. It was INCREDIBLY HOT! Ethan and Dallin (JV) played first and beat South 2-0 - Dallin got both assists!

Tyler (Varsity) didn't start his game because of dropping a board that was being used as scaffolding on his foot - ouch! He managed to find an ankle wrap and play for a lot of the game though. The varsity won 8-1! It was a great game!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

End of Summer......

The girls went backpack shopping last week and guess what Kirsten chose??

How stinkin' cute is this backpack??

I guess it's official - starting next week, my nest will be empty during the school year! Kirsten is so excited to start school! We went to her pediatrician for her kindergarten physical and 3 shots. When we were walking to the van to drive home, she said "THAT REALLY HURT! This is the best day ever! I'm going to school!".

Kyle mailed us all letters last week. We read Kirsten's to her and she got a very mad look on her face! We asked her what was wrong and she said "Kyle didn't write 'dear my most awesome little sister' in there!".

Tim and the boys worked with the cattle yesterday. Specifically the male cattle. Specifically a certain part of the male cattle. Which is no longer on the cattle.

(watching them very closely - think they look a little wary??)

Anyway......I'm planning to work on some more embellishment kits soon. Check the link to the right to go to my embellishment kit site. I will be adding some fall cards, tags and some Halloween things soon too. For those of you who plan ahead, I will be making some Christmas card and tag samples that will be available in whatever quantity you need.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


There are some days (a lot lately, actually!) that I wish this darn renovation/addition was DONE! I'm so tired of moving things and then moving them again and then moving them yet again. AND THE DUST! Holy Crap! Drywall sanding leaves dust EVERYWHERE. Everything feels dusty. The primer is on the ceiling and some walls - and GEEZ! it's white and bright in here! It also makes it glaringly obvious that this place is a 'big ole' mess!

Today, Keenan is working on taking out the subfloor in the great room. We did half the room last year and all of us learned right away not to trip over the uneven floor. Now we'll probably look silly for a couple of days 'stepping up' when we don't have to.

Then it will change again when we put the wood floors in.

Next week sometime Keenan will be having surgery to remove his gallbladder. He feels pretty lousy right now - and it makes him miserable. We're all hoping that the surgery will be a great success and he'll feel better and be HAPPY!

Monday, August 2, 2010

You tell 'em girl!

Tonight at dinner, Hayleigh and Dallin found something to argue about - not just during the meal, but for a while after too. The boys have soccer tryouts tonight at the high school and they are required to bring their own water bottles. Water is provided, but because of MRSA, they each need to bring their own bottles. Anyway, Dallin apparently REALLY wanted to use Hayleigh's new hot pink Girls on the Run water bottle. Hayleigh insisted that he NOT use it and find something else to use. Dallin insisted that it was just a water bottle and that it can be washed so she needed to 'chill out'. After about 45 minutes of this argument, Kirsten said to Hayleigh, "You really want your 'bottle water' back, right? Then I will fight him!".

This month is going to be really tough here. After spending a small fortune on new tires for the little van (because of a nail in one tire and a brick hitting the other one - don't ask), and Dallin's required soccer uniform and tournament fees, and paying for Tyler's lost/stolen calculator from last year and Kyle's mission payment and food......... Anyone wishing to send donations, I take prayers, cash, checks and paypal.........


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