Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Just wanted to share a couple of photos from Tyler's Prom!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Email Conversation



A couple of weeks ago, Keenan and I were emailing back and forth. I sent him a photo of my new haircut and he said, "Looks great. I got a hair cut. You would love it."
(some words have been changed so you can understand what they typed)

Me: Yes, but did you get a scalp massage? (I was referring to Beth & Company - it's an amazing place to get a hair cut!)

Keenan: I didn't hear that.

At this point I had to leave to take Dallin to soccer practice, so Dallin took over the email chat....

Dallin: Hey this is Dallin. Mom is driving me to practice and can't type.

Keenan: Hey Barbie Head

Dallin: What's up Fairy Princess?

Keenan: Oh my goodness, shrimp!

Dallin: Alright, enough with the name calling and let's get to business. I have state cup next week. What about you?

Keenan: Baptisms Baptisms Baptisms. Ha. Beat that.

Dallin: I can. How many? I haven't scored yet but I hit the crossbar 8 times this year. In practice everyone says I have the best shot and need to shoot more at games.

Keenan: You do have a good shot, just not as good as mine. And I had 11 baptisms this month and 8 last month.

Dallin: That is awesome - 19 yay! My shot is getting there.

Keenan: Keep working on it. I'm gonna try my best when I get back to play pro.

Dallin: You wish you could even see a pro, but you will, it will be me!! hahaha.

Keenan: Oh my gosh. Whatever you little punk. You're lucky you're home.

Dallin: No, I'm just lucky you're not home. Anyway, you could go pro and play for Man U because they lost to arsenal yesterday.

Keenan: I want to.

Dallin: Ok.

Keenan: Fart head.

Dallin: I know you are, but what am I?

Keenan: That's kindergarten stuff.

Dallin: You should know. You went there twice. I'm at practice now. Bye.

Keenan: You little turd.

Just thought you'd be as amused as we are!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Right before Easter I realized that although I did several Easter Egg Hunts for the older 4 kids, I kind of got lazy with the younger 4 and the last one we did was when Dallin was 2 years old! I never did a hunt for the little girls! So, I bought some candy (and laughed as I was putting it in the plastic eggs - it was ALL chocolate!!), and Tim and I hid over 200 plastic eggs in the yard.

Of course, we had a little issue with nature....poison ivy around the back of the big beech tree and a kildeer mom & dad who were having an absolute fit that we were in the yard and walking near their nest.

Kirsten and I colored some Easter eggs too. On the back of the box of food coloring, there were some 'formulas' listed for different colors. One that we picked to try was peach. Kirsten laughed because it looked exactly like the brown eggs some of the chickens lay! So, we dumped that color and made neon yellow instead.

Besides the Easter egg hunt, I realized the other day that Kirsten never got one of those sectional plastic plates and matching cups like the older kids did! I'm turning into such a lazy parent! When the girls and I went to Kohl's, we found some cute plates and cups, so I bought them each a set. I had Hayleigh take the stickers off the back (because if you leave them on and wash them it's such a mess!!). Anyway - look what Hayleigh found on the back of the plate:

When was the last time you heard of someone choking on a plate??

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Disney Kind of Weekend!

A 'commoner' married her prince and an evil villain is dead!

May 1st Prayer...
Now I lay me down to sleep...
one less terrorist this world does keep...
with all my heart I give my thanks...
to those in uniform regardless of ranks...
you serve our country and serve it well...
with humble hearts your stories tell...
so as I rest my weary eyes...
while freedom rings our flag still flies...
you give your all, do what you must...
with God we live and God we trust....



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