Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bull Riding

Kyle and his companion are having a great time in their area! They had dinner at a member family's home and worked it off by bull riding. Thanks so much to the Lindsay family for feeding them and for sharing the picture!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Hayleigh (a little late)

Hayleigh turned 10 last Wednesday! We had a little party for her (very little - just family). She had an ice cream cake and got some American Girl Doll stuff and a new bike too!

Several years ago, Tim took each of the kids for a ride on the Harley, except for Dallin. We're not sure how he missed out on his ride, but we think it was because he hid every time Tim was taking the other kids out! I've been telling Dallin that he was going to go for a ride for a while now. Tim was going to take Dallin to church on it one Sunday morning last year, but that was the day that it broke down and Dallin 'lucked out' once again. Last week, I told Dallin that his ride was going to be in the near future. He told me he would go, but he wouldn't like it at all. Tim has the Harley running really well this year, so we decided that Dallin's ride would be last night. Turns out, he did like it!

In addition to Dallin's motorcycle ride last night, we played ladder ball. It was really fun! Although with the 4 teenage boys there were probably way more 'ball' comments then there should have been.

Another new game we've been playing is 'whack-a-bee'. Kind of like Whack-a-Mole, but in this game we try to hit the carpenter bees with a plastic bat. The carpenter bees are a big pain in the butt. Their constant chewing and buzzing is enough to make a person crazy! We've had someone come out to spray for them, but it's expensive and it doesn't get rid of them for very long. Whack-a-bee is a big hit with the boys, except they don't seem to notice if other people are standing near them when they start swinging the bat!

Our baby chicks are at their awkward stage - there is still some down and the feathers are coming in looking like they don't know which way they should grow. We've got 2 Polish chickens (NO, I didn't know they were Polish Chickens when I bought them in the 'bantam mix' tub! I just thought they were cute). The one looks kind of like Flock of Seagulls and the other Duran Duran. There is also one that has feathers on its legs - looks like a pair of chaps! - if anyone knows what kind of chicken that is, can you let me know?

This year for Easter, the bunny brought the kids one big basket. The Easter Bunny still seems to be having a hard time getting over his compulsion that all things must be fair for each child (can you imagine counting the jelly beans???) so there were 8 bags (yes, he still made 8 so this year Tim and I got a goody-bag too. Thoughtful Bunny, isn't he?)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My Aunt Judy made some quilts for our family. She made ones for Brandee and Kyle when they graduated from high school. She recently made quilts for me and Tim and each of the little girls and mailed them to us. They are AMAZING! Absolutely gorgeous!

Monday, April 12, 2010


to Brandee and Scott! We had a lot of fun coming out to see your graduations and your cute apartment! We are so proud....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Silly girl!

When we collect the eggs from the chickens, we write the day's date on them so we know the approximate age of the egg. Kirsten has been very involved in taking care of the chickens recently and she loves to carry the eggs down to the house - which she does VERY carefully. I have been trying to teach her that what we are writing on the eggs is 'the number that stands for what day it is'. She pretty much thinks that days are called 'school day', 'church day', 'shopping day', etc....so it doesn't make any sense to her at all that days have numbers. I have shown her on the calendar and tried to explain it to her, but she looks at me with the condescending patience of someone looking at a crazy person. Then she tells me 'write the name on it'. Yesterday when we brought the eggs down to the house, she excitedly told me "I want to write the name on this one. How about Eggy? That's a good name!". You know what? It was hard enough to come up with 8 names for our children let alone dozens of names for eggs!


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