Sunday, October 9, 2016

Disney 2016 - Animal Kingdom

On Saturday, we went to Animal Kingdom. Guess what? It was HOT there too! Animal Kingdom is a lot of fun though! My favorite part was when King Louie was standing beside Keenan and Keenan didn't know it - when he saw King Louie, Keenan jumped a foot and King Louie swaggered away because he 'got him'.

The Safari is always a highlight. There were a lot of animals out where we could see them.

Love the carvings in the Tree of Life! 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Disney 2016 - The Magic Kingdom

Main Street

I LOVE the fall decor in the Magic Kingdom!

Beautiful glass Cinderella's Castle. With a $30,000+ price tag!

There is magic everywhere here! Even in the condensation!

Mallory and Keenan


I want to live here!

Kirsten and Dallin. Kirsten is such a goof!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Disney 2016 - Epcot

It was hotter than you-know-where at Disney! I think Disney is going to be a November or February vacation spot from now on! We stopped at the Coke Cool Zone in Epcot and tried different Cokes from around the world. Italy's still tastes nasty, in case you are wondering. The new Soarin' ride is amazing! Going around the world in a hang glider is awesome!

Our dinner in Epcot was at Le Chefs de France. We were just a little early, so we walked around the shops in France. So many beautiful things I'd like to have in my house!
At dinner, Tim and I had Lobster Bisque and everyone else had French Onion Soup - both were so good! I had to look up the Lobster Bisque recipe. I am planning to make it as soon as I can find cooked Lobster meat (real Lobster - not that "imitation seafood product" stuff!) 
Kirsten in France

We also stopped by Morocco - it's such a pretty exhibit!

Hayleigh in Morocco.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Start of School

How is it that we only have 2 kids in school? I remember having to pack 6-7 lunches a day and sign so many papers, it took me longer to do my 'homework' than it took the kids to do theirs! Not to mention all of the sports after school...
Kirsten is now in 6th grade! WHAT?? When did that happen? We do not have any children attending elementary school anymore.

Hayleigh is in 11th grade - the beginning of the end of high school. Geez - kids grow up so quickly!

Kirsten was on the cross country team for about 2 weeks. She and Dallin have the same opinion of cross country. "What in the heck are we running for? A finish line? No thank you!"

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer, Summer, Summer

Sweet Aela turned 2 in June!

Kirsten went on her first Harley ride - check out the smile in the top photo!

Kirsten and Emmy sitting on the rocks watching for the new calves.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Just Keep Swimming!

Kirsten and I were finally able to find the time to go swimming this summer!

We took Layten with us and he had a great time in the water!

Kirsten's expression speaks volumes - we really need a pool at our house!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

It's Been Too Long!

Goodness! I can't seem to keep up with life! Kirsten graduated from elementary school in June - she is now a rising middle schooler! wow!

(and just to show that we are doing things - not just sitting around - here is Kirsten going on her first motorcycle ride!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mother's Day Picnic

Kyle and Alex hosted a Mother's Day picnic at their home. Great weather, great food, great company, and such a fun time!


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