Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a picture from Thanksgiving last year. It was the first time I used my grandmother's plates - it brought back so many memories! These were her 'everyday/all the time' plates and some have cracks or chips, but it was nice to use them.
Thanksgiving this year is not going to be much of a celebration - Tim has to work on some stairs and since the boys are off from school, a couple of them will be going with him. I will probably make a smaller version of what I usually cook - and we will all fit around the table for dinner too!
I won't be leaving for a Disney soccer tournament this year either - I don't know what I'll do with all the 'free time'!

Monday, November 23, 2009


What an awesome game last night! RSL won the MLS final in PKs after overtime! Couldn't believe Donovan sent his PK into the stands...... But, I do have to say that I was very impressed with Saunders. It is hard to switch to a back up goalie in the middle of a game, but he played very well!

We watched the race yesterday too - Dallin loves Jimmie Johnson!

It's raining here again, so I think I'm just staying in today. I'll go through some more boxes and get stuff together for the Swap and Shop that we're going to have at church soon.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Updates and things

Updates - Kyle is at the MTC. He said bye to the other kids on Tuesday morning - Kirsten cried. It was so sad! When he arrived in Salt Lake City, Brandee and Scott picked him up at the airport and they went to Temple Square. (Thanks Brandee and Scott!) They had a great time at the Temple, the conference center and at The Roof restaurant. I think that I would fly to Salt Lake City just to eat at The Roof! Brandee and Scott dropped Kyle off at Jason and Anne's house on their way back to Rexburg. Kyle spent the night there and then Jason and Anne drove Kyle to the MTC. (Thanks so much to the Blood family!! We really appreciate it!) Hayleigh and Kirsten have started a countdown for when Kyle will be home. I wonder how they'll work out the countdown when Keenan leaves and then Tyler leaves? We'll have to put 3 different numbers on the calendar.

Here at home we are doing 'things'.
Tyler moved into the other bedroom so now we just have 2 boys in each room. Their bedrooms are actually pretty clean as of today!
We are finishing up soccer season. Keenan and Tyler lost in PKs to a really good team - after playing OT and sudden death OT. Ethan and Dallin both have games tomorrow - Ethan is here in Statesville and Dallin will be back at our old 'home' fields in Charlotte. I'm sure they will both be muddy messes by the end of the day! Ida dumped so much rain here! But - good news - the pond is FULL again!!
There are some cute new calves in the pastures - one has the cutest little black and white face! They are all so muddy.

Monday, November 9, 2009


It's almost time to take Kyle to the Stake President's house to get set apart as a missionary. It's almost time to make sure he has everything in his suitcases. It's almost time to say 'good-bye, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy and return with honor'. It's almost time to drive him to the airport and make sure his luggage is checked and he's on the plane. It's almost time to have Brandee call and let us know that he landed in Salt Lake City and they are having fun at the Temple and dinner. It's almost time to check with Jason and Anne and make sure that Kyle walked through the doors of the MTC in Provo.

It seems like yesterday that it was almost time to send him off to kindergarten and almost time to take him to his first soccer game and almost time to watch him graduate elementary school and almost time to go to his first band concert.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Know It!!!!

I'm married to such an awesome guy!!!

As much as I want to leave his post right there so that I can see it first thing every day, I also want to let everyone know what has been happening around here.....

Kyle is down to the final couple of things to get ready for his mission. We went shopping yesterday and ended up getting him 4 suits in all because they were on a buy 1 get 1 free sale - but NOT each half price - and you know I can't pass up a sale!!!

He still needs a camera, a back pack and a jacket (but Brandee and Scott are going to take care of the jacket - thank you!!!) and we'll get the other things by the end of the week.

Kirsten had such a fun time going shopping with Kyle yesterday! He carries her on his shoulders and makes her laugh and she makes him laugh by saying such silly things - they are going to miss each other! But, 2 years goes by so FAST!!!

Keenan and Tyler have a soccer game tonight - Round 1 of the state playoffs!

Keenan is starting to get ready for his mission - we went to the dentist 2 days ago to start that mess. For the past couple of times that he went, the dentist has been opting not to do x-rays because Keenan's teeth look good. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! He has 19 (yes 19!!!) cavities. YIKES!!! Any donations to the Keenan Dental Fund will be greatly appreciated!


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