Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dallin's Mission Call!

I forgot to get the mail last Wednesday in the afternoon, so Tim got it on his way home around 9:30 PM. SURPRISE!! Dallin's mission call was in the mail! We quickly tried to get everyone's guesses, but Keenan was on a plane home from New Orleans, so we decided to have everyone come over Thursday night after work so that Dallin could open his letter with everyone there. We kept it a secret from Dallin too! It was so HARD to have the letter in the house all day Thursday and not open it! There were several California guesses; the other guesses included Oregon, Texas, Mexico, Munich Germany, Utah, New York, Lawton Oklahoma, Minnesota, Washington, Tennessee, Alabama, Kansas, New Mexico, and Alaska. We facetimed Brandee, Tyler, and Caitlin....
Dallin has been called to serve in the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission!!  He reports to the MTC March 25th - yes - only about a month to get ready! We are so excited and know that he will be a great missionary!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Even IN the Pasture

Sometimes, the cows can get in to trouble even IN the pasture! Apparently, they were getting tired of eating the last of the summer grass from the ground and decided that the winter hay was more appetizing. 

So this happened.

What the heck?? 

Of course, it has to be muddy. Or raining. Or dark. Or cold. Or blistering hot. Those five things just add to the fun of farm work. This particular day was muddy and cold.

I had to park the tractor to block further damage (and eating)!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Photos From My Phone

No, these aren't the clearest photos - and I can't believe it took me this long to post these! We went with Keenan and Mallory to Penske's Employee (and family) Thanksgiving Dinner. It was really fun to see the cars and the trophies! We also got to see where Keenan works.

Kirsten liked this trophy with the fake grass - it was unique!

Dallin, Kirsten, and Joey Logano. Yes, Kirsten had Joey sign her Helio Castroneves shirt! Hahahaha! (she also got Brad Keselowski and Simon Paganaud to sign it! - Simon asked her if she'll be his fan if he signs her shirt - she said "maybe.")


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