Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tyler the Brat

One of Tyler's favorite things to do is to try to plan to close his eyes in every photo that is taken of him.  Caitlin and Tyler wanted me to take some photos of them for their wedding was a beautiful day, so of course we did the photo shoot under "THE TREE"  - the same tree that they will be getting married under (weather permitting - pray for good weather, please!!)  I warned Tyler NOT to close his eyes and that we could get this done a lot quicker if he didn't.  We took several photos - some from far away; some from closer....AND he HAD to close his eyes in one of them!!  I almost timed it right - but he still managed to have one taken.  Brat.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Band Concert and Flip Flops

Hayleigh's end-of-year band concert was awesome! She is not overly fond of playing the flute (or any instrument) - she'd rather be creating something or learning about animals, but she did very well! (And was sitting in the FIRST CHAIR flute spot, but didn't know what that meant!)

Kirsten loves shoes (and clothes!).  Every year, she gets a new pair or two (or three!) of flip flops.  This year's model has some cute butterflies on them.  She calls them 'fipfops'. It's funny - Kirsten LOVES pink and lace and bling....but has the dirtiest feet EVER.  She loves to go to the shop with Tim and 'help' him and will get all sweaty and dusty, but will make sure that her clothes and shoes are fashionable!


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