Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sent Another Missionary Off!

Dallin went to the Temple on Saturday the 21st....
Came home and starting packing! He helped us sort cattle and load cows for the market on Monday and on Tuesday at 4 AM, we took him to the Charlotte Airport. 

Dallin flew to Houston and then Salt Lake City where Brandee met him off the plane. His suitcase flew from Charlotte to Dulles Airport...and then back to Charlotte and then to Chicago and then to Salt Lake City the next day. Dallin arrived 2 hours late at the MTC...but at least he'll have his clothes to wear!!  He heads to Colorado in April and will be there for the next 2 years.  

So now, all of our boys have taken flight from the nest. I found a poem years ago that I thought was cute about little boys growing up, but I didn't think it would happen as quickly as it did!! It is written by C. David Hay and is from a father to his son:

Little Man how fast you grew
and went the way all children do
Into a world you've yet to know,
You need room to stretch and grow.
I watched with pride as you felt your way
And tested strengths in work and play.
We shared our fun as buddies do -
When you where cut I bled some too.
Shooting the rapids or climbing high
Gazing at stars in the western sky;
We gave it our best no matter the cost
And won more times than we ever lost.
I'll always treasure those memories past,
Could prayers but make the good times last.
But boys were meant to grow up strong
And Daddies can't just tag along.
So I hope you understand -
I'm always near if you need a hand.
And of all God's gifts could I choose but one...
It would be a Father's love for his Son.

Friday, March 20, 2015

New Calves!

These 2 cows had calves within a couple of days of each other. It looked like they were sharing labor stories and introducing the babies! We've seen these 2 calves playing (running and head-butting mostly) since!

It's not usually a good outcome when the trees are full of vultures. Sure enough, there was a dead calf in the pasture. We have one cow that has an "odd looking" udder, and this is the 2nd calf of hers that died. She will be going to market on Monday.

Ethan is having a grand ole time on his mission! He has been helping put an engine together. I can't believe he'll be home this fall already!

This silly cat is apparently jealous of my crafting time. She just can't figure out why I'm sitting on the floor and not giving her string to play with or scratching her head.
Our pigeon-toed duck walked here recently :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow Day!

As is typical for NC, this snow was GORGEOUS until about 10 AM when the temperature went to about 50 degrees and it just disappeared. I got up a little after the sun came up so that I could get some photos - you've got to be quick!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Wintry Farm Days

I love the winter colors! The grays, pinks, and purples are so pretty!

Pale Sunsets....

We had an icy snow that closed school for a couple of days. Kirsten tried to play outside in it - by riding her bike! Silly girl! She 'skated' with her bike down the driveway, and then decided it was a little dangerous and not much fun anyway. 

A friend and I decided to start a craft business! We've been keeping busy creating and selling! Please check out our craft blog -  I'll link it on the side so you can always see what's new!


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