Thursday, February 24, 2011


The floors look gorgeous! Can't wait to move back upstairs after over a year in the basement!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Keenan in SLC

Keenan was met at the airport in Salt Lake City by Brandee and then taken right from there to go shopping for a couple of things he still needed for his mission. (pillows, blankets, etc..)

Monday night, he stayed at Scott & Brandee's and then Tuesday he went to school with Brandee. On Tuesday, Brandee took him to a Temple Session at the Salt Lake Temple and then they met up with Scott and went to dinner at The Roof. Isn't this an awesome photo?? Keenan is smiling!!

Keenan is now at the MTC learning all about being a missionary.

Things are a little quieter around here. There's a little more food left after dinner. No drums are being played right now. (can't say I really miss that though!)

I sent Kyle an email the other day that said --

"Wayne Rooney scored the goal of his life in the 2-1 win over Man City. We dvr'd it and locked it so you can watch it when you come home. Dallin had an awesome game last Saturday. They lost 2-0 on set pieces, but Dallin is finally settling in and getting used to this team and playing with more confidence."

This is what I got back from Kyle --

"I was in a restaurant yesterday, and I saw Rooney's goal. I could do that when I was 4. It was beautiful. I get to coach soccer again today. Last time all the kids wanted me to sign their shoes and shirts. I signed like 17. Dallin is going to make it pro."

Okay - for the record - Rooney's goal was beautiful; I don't remember Kyle doing that at age 4; and it's really not a healthy thing to ask Kyle for his autograph. He really doesn't have any self-confidence issues.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Almost that time again!

It's almost time to send another son out on his 2 year mission. Keenan will be boarding a plane Monday morning to head to Salt Lake City. Brandee and Scott will be picking him up there and taking him to their place. On Tuesday, Keenan is going to school with Brandee and then they're all going to go to the Roof for a very yummy dinner! Wednesday afternoon, he will report to the MTC. From there, he'll go to his area - Salt Lake City. I can't believe he's already going! We're still waiting for some things to arrive in the mail for him. I imagine I'm going to be forwarding them to the MTC.

I swear it was just last week that we were telling Keenan to go sit on the bench for something or other! It was only days ago that he was dancing around the kitchen because I bought waffles and 'paper-bony' pizza at the store. Didn't he just win the state cup at age 11 getting all 3 assists in their 3-0 win with 3 broken ribs??? How about 2 broken wrists?

Yikes! Time goes by so fast.....

We're all proud of you Keenan!


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