Monday, June 25, 2018

Universal Studios Florida

The Monday after school was out for the summer, Hayleigh, Kirsten, and I went to my Aunt Judy's in Florida. We took a drive around her neighborhood the first night and stopped at the beach.

Aunt Judy was a librarian and loves Harry Potter, so she invited us to go to Universal Studios with her. It was a lot of fun! But, MAN Florida is hot in the summer! I'd love to go again, but maybe in January!

My honest review of Universal is that it doesn't even come close to Disney! I personally think that Disney would've done a much better job with a Harry Potter themed area in their park. The food was ho-hum and expensive. The souvenirs were expensive. 3 of the rides in Harry Potter are thrill type rides; definitely not for a broad range of ages. The Hogwarts Express was ok - but I'd rather look at the real outside instead of a movie in the window! I am pretty sure that if you are visiting just to see Harry Potter, you can do it in one day. And do it when it's cooler for heaven's sake!


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