Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas!

It snowed on Christmas Day this year! It was beautiful!

We already took down the tree and put away the Christmas things so Tim and the boys can keep working on the hardwood floors (yay!!)

We opened gifts in age order this year - youngest to oldest. When she opened her very first gift, Kirsten said "yay mom! You got it right this year!". We never know what she's going to say, but it's usually funny!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Keenan is going to Salt Lake City!

Keenan has been called to serve in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission! He will report to the MTC February 16th, 2011.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Morning and other Things

I love the way the sky looks in the mornings while the girls and I are waiting for the school bus! (at 6:55 AM!)

Hayleigh's 'never ending' volleyball season finally did end. It seemed that just when we thought it was over, there was yet another tournament they signed up for. Hayleigh had a fun time learning how to play volleyball, but she's not sure it's her 'thing'. Not like the running - she loves running - she'll be doing GOTR again in the spring.

I made a cute craft to add to my ledge this Christmas. The white frames are from the Dollar Tree and the stickers are from the Martha Stewart line for Christmas this year.

The kitten has been allowed in the house during the day. Apparently Misty is teaching her some not so good stuff. Like how to sneak up on to the kitchen counter. The kitten fell in the sink and Misty looked at her in disgust, so I'm not sure the kitten thinks it's all that fun to be on the counter. The girls have been calling the kitten 'Oreo'.

Dallin had his first soccer tournament of the season. He played in the CASL college showcase and did really well the first game. The other games were so-so, but since we beat a CASL team 5-1, I didn't really care about winning the other games. We've been participating in the CASL tournament for YEARS. We've never beaten a CASL team. It was awesome! In the past, we've had horrible weather - some years it snowed, some years it was nasty windy rainy crap and everyone would end up sick. This year, the weather was GORGEOUS! In the low 70s! I even took my jacket off (although I did have a winter coat, blanket and umbrella in the van just in case!)

Kirsten made a cute fall tree using fruity pebbles as the leaves! I took a picture of it because I have a funny feeling that storing fruity pebbles in her school memory box is not a good plan.

Friday, November 26, 2010


It's that time of year again! I get so excited about getting all the Christmas stuff out and decorating. I loved how I did 'the ledge' last year, so I decided to look back in my pictures so I could re-create it. GUESS WHAT? Apparently I didn't take a picture of it. Bummer. I did get a picture of the mantel from last year though.

This year there isn't any mantle to decorate. Darn it.

I finished making the Christmas cards for this year. Now I just need to convince the kids that they ARE getting their pictures taken - standing/sitting near each other - and looking happy about it. Someday they will thank me for those Christmas pictures!

I went to the Southern Christmas Show last week with 2 friends. We had a great time! We met the Gourd Lady (try googling her - she is a riot!) and saw lots of pretty Christmas things. The top photo below is of a miniature fabric store made inside a sewing basket! How cute is that?? The bottom picture is what I would do to my mantel if I had one to decorate this year..... :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Went to the Dentist

I had to go to the dentist this morning. I broke a filling last week. I knew it was going to happen because it just felt weird...kind of loose. Anyway, they numbed me up to grind out the big old crappy silver filling and then put in one of those nice white ones. I have a horrible time with the numbing stuff. It works too well. I can be numb for days and days. I have even gotten dental work without being numb. I figure after having 8 children, the dentist is easy-peasy. The dentist used a different kind of numb-stuff today - it's supposed to last 30-45 minutes. My appointment was at 8 AM. I was numb by 8:20. it is now 10:20 and the left side of my face, including my ear is STILL numb. It really sucks! I started thinking about when I got that big old crappy silver filling way back in the dark ages. My dentist didn't even use gloves - how gross is that?? Does anyone else remember that? That is seriously nasty to think about. The gloves my dentist uses now are even flavored. I've got to say that is a major improvement!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

The kids are 'home' from school today. At the moment, the only one home is Kirsten. She told me this morning "I looked at my clock and it said 7-2-7 and I said 'I gotta get up!' so I did and then I had fruity pebbles and got dressed because my feet were cold and now I'm going to play wii, lots of wii as soon as I find the chapstick." 5 year olds crack me up!

It's been very nice here this week - in the 70s in the afternoons. Since it was cold last week - cold enough to sleet/snow for a couple of minutes - and then it warmed up again, it's time for the march of the lady bugs in my house. They come in the front and go across the ceiling and go out the back. Ugh. Did I ever mention that I don't like creatures in my house? I might have said that once or twice before. Anyway, I was talking to a friend yesterday and she said to put bay leaves in the windowsills. So my sills are coated in bay leaves. She said one would work, but I had a lot of bay leaves, so I figured lots would be okay. Here's hoping!

Sleet/snow from last week:

I got my hair cut and colored last week. I really like it! I had to tilt my head to get a better shot of the color - it's reddish - what she called my 'winter color':

My mom made me lots of crocheted flowers over the summer. They are so pretty! The girls and I made some Christmas ornaments with them. I am also going to make them in white with red flowers.

Dallin starts soccer practice next week. I can't believe that he's old enough that his first tournament of the season is the CASL showcase! I remember going the first time with Kyle - it seems like it was last year. Yikes!

Speaking of Kyle, he was just transferred from Meridian, ID, back to Nampa, ID, but to a different part of Nampa. This time next year, we'll be picking him up from the airport because he'll be done his mission already! Wow! We got a letter the other day from a family in the area where Kyle was serving. Here's part of the letter:

"About a month ago my daughter and I were unloading groceries from the back of our truck when Elder Watson and Elder *** rode up on their bikes and offered to help us carry in the food. Of course we accepted.......(skip) they were getting ready to leave Elder *** asked if there was anything they could do for us as they were looking for service to do. Elder Watson happened to wrap his hand around one of the posts on our banister and gave it a tug, commenting that our banister did not meet code. We had know for years how dangerous it was........(skip)........He said "I can fix that for you." (DOESN'T THAT SOUND JUST LIKE HIS DAD??) ...........(skip).............. Some of our tools were pretty sad but the Elders made do, never complaining, and working with precision. Elder *** told me up front he didn't know how to do much but he could learn........(skip)...........Elder Watson patiently taught him what to do ....(skip)...........He was so careful in his calculations, figuring and figuring again.................(skip).................What a wonderful son! He not only served us but he is dedicated and focused on being a good missionary..............I wanted you to know how grateful I am for the service of your son. I've seen him several times since the completion of the stairs and he just makes me smile.................(skip)...............I know Elder Watson won't be home for a while but when he does get home I wanted to help contribute to the purchasing of a few things for whatever his future holds. (She enclosed a gift card to Old Navy!)

Here's some photos of the stair project:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Cow Poop Story

"Farm living is the life for me" Who the heck came up with those lyrics?? Seriously?? Did they ever live on an actual farm??

This morning was so much fun (insert a very sarcastic voice here!).

Since it was raining, I stuck the girls in the van to drive them to the end of the driveway to wait for the bus. Picture this: I backed out of the carport, looked down to go from R to D, and looked back up RIGHT IN TO A COW'S FACE! It scared me at first, then it really pissed me off. As I drove up the driveway, I noticed that ALL BUT 2 COWS WERE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE FENCE!

I grabbed my cell and called Keenan who was with Tim at church so they could leave from there and go to the jobsite. Keenan apparently sleeps in the van while Tim is teaching seminary, and I woke him up with the panicked phone call. I told him to tell Dad that all of the cows were out and I was going to need help. He told me "I saw cows out this morning when we left and I told Dad and he said not to worry about it; leave them alone." WHAT THE HECK?? It turns out that Tim thought there were only 2 or 3 cows out....not 45.

By this time, the girls were on the bus (which showed up late!) and I drove back down the driveway to the shop to open the door for the kitten. I put the van in park, opened the door and stepped out PUTTING MY FOOT RIGHT INTO A FRESH PILE OF POOP! Fantastic. Now in addition to being upset that Tim wasn't coming home to help, I had poop on my croc. Great.

Well, it gets even better. The cows, noticing that I wasn't blocking the driveway anymore, decided that maybe they could walk up the driveway and go on a search for better pastures. YIKES. So I backed up the van and blocked the driveway. Here's another visual for you. Picture me sitting panicked in the van with all the cows mad that I blocked their exit and to get to the cattle dog, I have to walk through all the pissed off cows. Not happening.

THANK HEAVENS I got a text from Keenan at that moment that said "we're on our way". YAY!!

I very slowly drove the van towards the cows so they wouldn't start running (which NEVER helps) and they very calmly walked toward the spot they used to get out. My mom says that cows will almost always do that - walk right back to the spot where they got out to try to go back in the same way. Guess where they got out? Right through the middle of the barn. Guess what they did? They got into the feed room and somehow carried the metal can full of chicken feed out of the feed room, got the lid off and ate it all. (so now I'm going to be going to Tractor Supply to get feed sometime today. yay.)

Well, wouldn't you know, the cows didn't want to go back through the barn because they wanted to get to the winter hay storage. Bummer. So after I put the can back in the feed room and shut the door, I opened the fence to the bull pasture. I figured it wouldn't hurt to leave the fence open since all the cows were out wasn't like any more could escape. Then I got back in the van and 'herded' them towards the pasture. Cows being cows, they went the other way towards the house.

Then Tim and Keenan pulled in - HOORAY!

Keenan started a tractor and moved it to block the opening into the barn where the cows had torn down corral panels. I parked the van and Tim and I walked the cows around the house and back into the pasture. Where they went without any complaints. I know Tim was wondering why I always have issues with putting the cows back in. Isn't it funny how they all behave so well for him??

So, for now, the cows are in instead of out. When Tyler, Ethan and Dallin get home from school, I am supposed to take PSPs, Wii controllers, and laptops until the fence is fixed in the back pasture.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not so good.....

The N.C. High School Athletic Association boys soccer state playoffs get under way this week and, stunningly, they do so without North Iredell.

The Raiders, co-champions of the North Piedmont Conference, were disqualified due to an infraction that cost them more than their postseason berth.

North Iredell coach Scott Childers declined to comment on the matter Monday, deflecting questions to the school administration.

“We had to withdraw because of an ineligibility issue,” North Iredell principal Teresa Evans said.

Evans didn’t say who the ineligible player was but noted that the team had to forfeit its games.

The Raiders went 11-4 overall and 9-3 in the conference. They won their last nine games to share the NPC title with Statesville for the second straight season.

Evans said she sent letters home with the players regarding the circumstances.

“It’s awful,” she said. “I’m not very happy.”

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tyler's Senior Night

Last week was Tyler's senior night for the high school soccer team. There were 10 seniors and they each got a chance to be in the spotlight. Coach Childers handed out a form for them to fill out and then it was read over the loudspeakers. The boys also got their fleece blankets and the moms got the flowers. The weather was beautiful and it was a great night (especially since we won 4-0 and Tyler scored!). Tyler had an amazing senior soccer season!

Here is Tyler's 'speech':

Name - Tyler Watson
Team # - 34

Sponsored by - Mr. and Mrs. Tim Watson

Teacher who has inspired/encouraged you the most: Mr. Childers
Why did you choose this teacher? Mr. Childers has taught me the most and helped understand a lot about many random things. He is always there if I needed to talk to him and is my favorite teacher!

Most memorable "soccer moment" - All the memories kind of blend together, but I would have to say that just playing in defense and helping our team chase down all the forwards that got through is the most memorable for me. Although dribbling to the goal when I played forward was pretty fun too!

What college do you plan to attend? BYU-Idaho

What do you plan to do after college? Clinical Psychology and run the world on the side!

What thought would you like to tell to your teammates as you graduate this year? Playing with my fellow seniors this year has been the best ever. Even though I have played many more years of club soccer, this season remains my favorite. Also, to my defensive buddies Brad, Jesus, and Deveron: Well done! We've been through a lot together!"

Who would you like to thank for supporting you during your time here at North Iredell High School? I would like to thank God for helping me get through these few years of high school, my parents for teaching me and giving me guidance, and to Mrs. Evans for being the best principal ever!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Days of Fleece!

It's been a tradition for several years to make the seniors on the soccer team those fleece blankets where you have two pieces of fleece and you knot all the sides together. I've been doing mostly red and black, but have done some red and sky blue (black, red and sky "carolina" blue are the school colors). This fall, there ARE 10 SENIORS! WOW! 10 blankets.... Never made that many at one time before. I think I've been knotting fleece in my sleep!

I also make corsages for the seniors' moms to wear on senior night. Senior night is usually the last home game and each senior walks onto the field with their parents (or whoever they choose) while a speech that they have written is read over the loudspeaker. The senior is presented with the blanket by the coach. It's really a neat time!

This year, I didn't do my traditional artificial flower corsage - I made fleece roses! I had some scraps left from the blanket and instead of only thinking 'scarf', I thought FLOWERS! There's been so many different kinds of handmade flowers in blogland recently, I knew I could hunt around and find directions for the picture of the flowers I had in my head.

So - this is what they look like:

Each one has a pin on the back. I think they turned out great!

Senior night was supposed to be last night, but because of the HOLY CRAP IT'S WINDY AND RAINING AGAIN weather we've had (tornado warnings and all!), the game will be tomorrow night even though they have a day off of school tomorrow. I can't wait to hear what Tyler has written as his speech!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Just plain stuff...

It's been a while since I posted! I was having problems with Internet Explorer and every time I logged on I wanted to throw the computer out in the pasture. We switched to google chrome and things are working out much better!

The boys had a FANTASTIC win last week against a big rival (West Iredell)! The first time we played them this season, JV tied 1-1 (and yes, Dallin got the goal for our team!!), and Varsity lost in overtime 4-3. Big bummer. Last week, the JV won 3-1 (Dallin got a goal!) and the Varsity won 2-1! This article was in the newspaper about last week's game:


OLIN - For those that went to sleep on North Iredell after the North Piedmont Conference championship contender's slow start in league play, a word of advice: wake up.

The Raiders have.

Collecting goals from Damon Cartner and Tyler Watson, North Iredell upended league-leading West Iredell on Thursday night, 2-1.

The victory avenged a loss the previous time the teams met in which West Iredell overcame a two-goal deficit to force overtime and then win 4-3.

More importantly for North Iredell (6-4, 4-3 NPC), it was the fourth straight league win for the 2009 co-champion after beginning conference play 0-3.

Trailing 1-0 coming out of halftime, West Iredell looked to equalize in the 47th minute after Casey Boggs narrowly missed giving North Iredell a two-goal cushion.

Kody Sprinkle ran under Tow Yang's long ball. With Watson in tow, Sprinkle could only muster an off-balanced shot on the break and Raiders goalie Travis Laws made one of his five saves.

North Iredell got the insurance goal it was looking for in the 50th minute. Bradley Moore's nifty dribbling into the box drew a hard foul, resulting in a penalty kick. Watson made good on the free look. He booted the ball by West Iredell goalie Eric Ortez and into the top right corner, extending the Raiders' lead to 2-0.

Ze Yang's 35-yard strike broke up the shutout, in the 79th minute, but West Iredell never had a look at a potential game-tying goal.

It marked just the second time in the last nine meetings the Warriors (10-7-1, 6-2-1 NPC) lost to North Iredell. This once cost them their NPC lead with three games remaining in conference play.

Led by the exceptional footwork in the midfield by Tony Mendoza, Asher Caldwell and Edgar Antunez, the Raiders dominated possession and scoring chances.

Shots on goal favored North Iredell 17-6.

Damon Cartner gave North Iredell a 1-0 lead in the 22nd minute. He uncorked an uncontested shot from the right side, about 12 yards out, that beat Ortez far post.

The Raiders had an opportunity to pad their lead in the 30th minute. Mendoza's shot rang off the crossbar. Ortez couldn't corral the redirection and Boggs ran onto the loose ball. But Ortez was able to get his body in between Boggs and the shot to prevent North Iredell from taking a two-goal lead.

Sprinkle, who netted three second half goals and the game winner in the overtime in the last meeting, was kept of the score sheet this time

I decorated 'the ledge' for Halloween. The girls LOVE the jack-o-lantern lights, so I had to figure out a way to put them up. I also made some of those 2x4 pumpkins that are circulating in blogland right now. I think I might add some rub-ons and jazz them up a little (sets of 3 pumpkins are available on my embellishment kit blog - link at right). Another new addition is the glass full of skulls, skeleton hands and spanish moss. I really like that decoration - and it only cost me $4! I got everything for it at the dollar store!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


We had 2 calves born yesterday! This one is a cutie!

Here's the other one. I couldn't get as close to this one....I just don't trust those darn charolais!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Boo, Eek and Volleyball

Hayleigh is playing volleyball this fall. She is having a great time, even though she is the smallest on the team. She is learning the game and has done some really good plays!

One of my FAVORITE holidays is coming up - HALLOWEEN!

I love decorating and crafting for Halloween!

I made a couple of things this year that are available for you to purchase:

These blocks say 'boo' on one side and 'eek' on the other. They are $12 (shipping included). The tags are a set of 9 - 3 each of 3 designs. These will be so cute on your goodie bags! They are $5 (shipping included). The Boo sign will stand on its own and has 2 'cute/scary' black spiders! The sign is $6 (shipping included). Please email me or leave a message on my facebook or on here and let me know if you would like anything!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sometimes, things just don't work out the way you want. You might not have the money that you need to cover the basic bills; your kids' teams might not win the games that they were 'supposed' to win; you might hurt your back and be miserable; it might not rain enough for your farm animals; or WHATEVER it is that happens.....

I read somewhere that life is 90% what happens and 10% what you do with what happens...

Instead of thinking about what you CAN'T do and what isn't going 'right', think about what you CAN do.

It's all up to you to take that 10% and make it good!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet Kittie!

There's a new animal on the farm! She showed up one morning mewing at Keenan at the shop (okay - seriously, Keenan has had several animals 'show up' .. he's like Dr. Doolittle). Everybody thinks she's a cutie!

Last week the high school soccer team played against Lake Norman. Nasty game - but North played really well! North's JV and Varsity only lost 1-0. North usually loses by several goals (and I won't even get into how bad it's been some years....)
Anyway - the local newspaper (the Rubbish and Landfill) has a reporter who ADORES Lake REALLY loves them - he's the 'only one' who can write Lake Norman's sports articles. So, there was this article a couple of days ago in which he started out by saying that this "might ruffle some feathers but" and then a bunch of stupid remarks about how 'Lake Norman paid for it by traveling to North to play soccer and it wasn't worth it' and on and on about how brutal North's players are. I got this picture during the game - Tyler is in RED. Lake Norman is in BLUE. Who looks more brutal???

Basically, I think they (the coach AND the stupid reporter) were upset that it was ONLY 1-0 instead of the normal 6 or 7 to 0. Next year, we'll win.

Kirsten said something funny yesterday:
"when I 'bees' 6, Kyle will come home and I will see what he looks like and when I 'bees' 8, I will get 'bathtized'" In case you aren't fluent in Kirsten-eese, what she said is "When I am 6 years old, my brother Kyle will come home from his mission and I can see him and when I turn 8 years old, I will get baptized."

I did some Christmas shopping today (I KNOW it's only September...) I got Brandee and Scott a GREAT/WONDERFUL/FABULOUS Christmas gift! I don't know if it's worse to have it sitting at our house until I ship it, or if it would be more torture to wrap it and ship it to them now with the instruction that they can't open it til Christmas?? I'll have to think about it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Year of the Butterfly

There have been so many butterflies this year! It's amazing - every time I go outside, I see butterflies. (and I love my new camera!)

Kirsten has had a hard week. She really doesn't like the actual going to school - once she gets to school, she doesn't seem to mind it too much (she had a couple of crying episodes). She likes art and music and PE, but she doesn't like to be at school without Tim or me. I feel so bad for her! It makes me want to keep her home, but in the long run, that would NOT help her. If I didn't LOVE our elementary school, I would probably homeschool her. Our cute little country school is AWESOME! I keep telling myself that she'll get over's been a long week for all of us!

The boys had 2 great games last night! Ethan and Dallin won 1-0! There was a funny part where Ethan (his words) "totally schooled that kid" and then he tripped over the ball and he turned and told everyone that he "totally schooled myself"! It was so great to see him laugh at himself! Ethan has had problems where he expects perfection from himself and then takes his head right out of the game. Dallin had some great moves and had the most beautiful pass.....right past the defenders and through to our attacking player's run! Wish I taped that one!

The Varsity won 4-1! It was amazing! NIHS is a 3A school and we played a school that is beating all of their 4A competition - their last 6 games were wins - we were their first loss of this year. Tyler got a fantastic goal!

For those of you wondering, we are too far inland for Hurricane Earl. We didn't even get rain. We are looking forward to the weather that is coming tomorrow after Earl moves on up the coast. Instead of the 95+ degrees we've been having for the past several weeks, it is supposed to be in the low 80s for a little while. Fall is on its way!

Speaking of fall, I am hoping to have a few more of my 'summer' sandwiches before the tomatoes are gone for the season. To me, there is nothing better to eat in the summer than a garden fresh tomato sandwich. The tomatoes in the store just aren't the same at all.

Friday, August 27, 2010

It really isn't better outside the fence!

Do you see anything wrong in this picture? (other than our driveway REALLY needs new stone)

Can you see it better now?

YES, that is a COW HOOF PRINT! In the middle of the driveway! What the heck?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Kirsten was so excited to go to Open House at school on Monday and find out who her teacher would be! When we took her to her classroom, she found her seat right away, sat down and wanted to stay. We explained to her that we needed to go buy some more school things for her so she couldn't start school right then. Later that night, Kirsten realized that none of us would be staying in her class with her....she cried for about an hour!

We told Kirsten that school is just 7 hours (she likes to count) and that it would go by quickly and then she can come home and play. Wednesday morning, the girls had to be up at 6 AM (hopefully they will start being tired at night instead of excited and go to sleep earlier so I don't have to beg and plead and threaten in the morning!). Hayleigh and Kirsten decided on cereal for breakfast and then packed their stuff up. Kirsten kept reminding everyone that school is 'just 7'.

Tim and I walked the girls up to the end of the driveway to wait for the bus. It was cute to see Kirsten walking - her backpack is not really big, she is just tiny!

The bus finally arrived (a little late) and the girls got on and left - Kirsten had no problem at all getting on the bus. She didn't even turn around and wave, although we did get to wave at her when she sat down - her little head was barely peeking through the window!

I had my first 'stay at home by myself day'. I basically did the normal things I always do - laundry, dishes, cooked dinner, and I got my lesson and activity ready for the class I teach Wednesday nights at church. I found some time to play the new game I downloaded onto my phone - Alchemy (it is VERY addictive!). Tim and Keenan worked in the shop and then went to our favorite place for haircuts - Beth & Company Salon. I walked back up to meet Hayleigh and Kirsten from the bus. I looked at the mail while I waited for them, and then I put it back in the box because Kirsten REALLY wanted to get the mail like the 'bigger' kids always did.

I asked Kirsten how her day was and she said that she drank all her juice at lunch. I said "you must have been thirsty! Did you get a water bottle for your classroom?" She said, "No, their have a water fountain and their have a bathroom." Hopefully, 'their' will have a great English program too!
Early morning seminary starts next week, so hopefully we will get back in the 'groove' of school and have things on a schedule and I might have all the stupid papers the kids bring home all filled out by then too! I ought to know by now to just fill one out and make copies, but that would actually need some common sense which I think I lost somewhere around the 4th kid.


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