Monday, November 1, 2010

Tyler's Senior Night

Last week was Tyler's senior night for the high school soccer team. There were 10 seniors and they each got a chance to be in the spotlight. Coach Childers handed out a form for them to fill out and then it was read over the loudspeakers. The boys also got their fleece blankets and the moms got the flowers. The weather was beautiful and it was a great night (especially since we won 4-0 and Tyler scored!). Tyler had an amazing senior soccer season!

Here is Tyler's 'speech':

Name - Tyler Watson
Team # - 34

Sponsored by - Mr. and Mrs. Tim Watson

Teacher who has inspired/encouraged you the most: Mr. Childers
Why did you choose this teacher? Mr. Childers has taught me the most and helped understand a lot about many random things. He is always there if I needed to talk to him and is my favorite teacher!

Most memorable "soccer moment" - All the memories kind of blend together, but I would have to say that just playing in defense and helping our team chase down all the forwards that got through is the most memorable for me. Although dribbling to the goal when I played forward was pretty fun too!

What college do you plan to attend? BYU-Idaho

What do you plan to do after college? Clinical Psychology and run the world on the side!

What thought would you like to tell to your teammates as you graduate this year? Playing with my fellow seniors this year has been the best ever. Even though I have played many more years of club soccer, this season remains my favorite. Also, to my defensive buddies Brad, Jesus, and Deveron: Well done! We've been through a lot together!"

Who would you like to thank for supporting you during your time here at North Iredell High School? I would like to thank God for helping me get through these few years of high school, my parents for teaching me and giving me guidance, and to Mrs. Evans for being the best principal ever!

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