Thursday, October 28, 2010

Days of Fleece!

It's been a tradition for several years to make the seniors on the soccer team those fleece blankets where you have two pieces of fleece and you knot all the sides together. I've been doing mostly red and black, but have done some red and sky blue (black, red and sky "carolina" blue are the school colors). This fall, there ARE 10 SENIORS! WOW! 10 blankets.... Never made that many at one time before. I think I've been knotting fleece in my sleep!

I also make corsages for the seniors' moms to wear on senior night. Senior night is usually the last home game and each senior walks onto the field with their parents (or whoever they choose) while a speech that they have written is read over the loudspeaker. The senior is presented with the blanket by the coach. It's really a neat time!

This year, I didn't do my traditional artificial flower corsage - I made fleece roses! I had some scraps left from the blanket and instead of only thinking 'scarf', I thought FLOWERS! There's been so many different kinds of handmade flowers in blogland recently, I knew I could hunt around and find directions for the picture of the flowers I had in my head.

So - this is what they look like:

Each one has a pin on the back. I think they turned out great!

Senior night was supposed to be last night, but because of the HOLY CRAP IT'S WINDY AND RAINING AGAIN weather we've had (tornado warnings and all!), the game will be tomorrow night even though they have a day off of school tomorrow. I can't wait to hear what Tyler has written as his speech!


Anonymous said...

Hi!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you had (since it's almost over) and have (since it's not quite over) an amazing birthday! I keep up with your's nice to hear what's going on :)

Take care!

Scott and Brandee Merkley said...

oh man, i would totally love flower!


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