Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

The kids are 'home' from school today. At the moment, the only one home is Kirsten. She told me this morning "I looked at my clock and it said 7-2-7 and I said 'I gotta get up!' so I did and then I had fruity pebbles and got dressed because my feet were cold and now I'm going to play wii, lots of wii as soon as I find the chapstick." 5 year olds crack me up!

It's been very nice here this week - in the 70s in the afternoons. Since it was cold last week - cold enough to sleet/snow for a couple of minutes - and then it warmed up again, it's time for the march of the lady bugs in my house. They come in the front and go across the ceiling and go out the back. Ugh. Did I ever mention that I don't like creatures in my house? I might have said that once or twice before. Anyway, I was talking to a friend yesterday and she said to put bay leaves in the windowsills. So my sills are coated in bay leaves. She said one would work, but I had a lot of bay leaves, so I figured lots would be okay. Here's hoping!

Sleet/snow from last week:

I got my hair cut and colored last week. I really like it! I had to tilt my head to get a better shot of the color - it's reddish - what she called my 'winter color':

My mom made me lots of crocheted flowers over the summer. They are so pretty! The girls and I made some Christmas ornaments with them. I am also going to make them in white with red flowers.

Dallin starts soccer practice next week. I can't believe that he's old enough that his first tournament of the season is the CASL showcase! I remember going the first time with Kyle - it seems like it was last year. Yikes!

Speaking of Kyle, he was just transferred from Meridian, ID, back to Nampa, ID, but to a different part of Nampa. This time next year, we'll be picking him up from the airport because he'll be done his mission already! Wow! We got a letter the other day from a family in the area where Kyle was serving. Here's part of the letter:

"About a month ago my daughter and I were unloading groceries from the back of our truck when Elder Watson and Elder *** rode up on their bikes and offered to help us carry in the food. Of course we accepted.......(skip) they were getting ready to leave Elder *** asked if there was anything they could do for us as they were looking for service to do. Elder Watson happened to wrap his hand around one of the posts on our banister and gave it a tug, commenting that our banister did not meet code. We had know for years how dangerous it was........(skip)........He said "I can fix that for you." (DOESN'T THAT SOUND JUST LIKE HIS DAD??) ...........(skip).............. Some of our tools were pretty sad but the Elders made do, never complaining, and working with precision. Elder *** told me up front he didn't know how to do much but he could learn........(skip)...........Elder Watson patiently taught him what to do ....(skip)...........He was so careful in his calculations, figuring and figuring again.................(skip).................What a wonderful son! He not only served us but he is dedicated and focused on being a good missionary..............I wanted you to know how grateful I am for the service of your son. I've seen him several times since the completion of the stairs and he just makes me smile.................(skip)...............I know Elder Watson won't be home for a while but when he does get home I wanted to help contribute to the purchasing of a few things for whatever his future holds. (She enclosed a gift card to Old Navy!)

Here's some photos of the stair project:


Amy said...

How awesome it must be to hear how much good your children can do without being asked!! It melts my heart to hear of such selfless service!!

Susan Staus said...

Love your hair! And love the stairs!
Aww, so sweet of Kyle! How awesome for her to write you and tell you all about it! You sure have great kids!

Rosanne said...

What a guy! Kyle sure does sound a lot like Tim. You guys are so blessed! (and I really like your hair!)


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