Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Kirsten!

From this:


To this: (in the blink of an eye!)


We had Kirsten's birthday party last night - she had cupcake brownies because brownies make her "comfortable, cozy and warm" (her words!). We put pink and purple sprinkles on them because Kirsten is really into Fancy Nancy right now and we HAD to make them fancy, of course!

Kirsten got a sparkly card from a friend of Tim's mom's - she loved it! (thank you so much Nancy!) She also got a Fancy Nancy doll, a card and a balloon, and a new bike. She said that this was her best birthday ever!

Kirsten said some funny things this past weekend. We had a 'shop cleanup day' on Saturday and by the afternoon, she was very tired. Tim, Dallin, Hayleigh and I stayed outside to do the last thing - give the cows hay - and Kirsten went to the house with Keenan, Tyler and Ethan. She wrapped herself up in a blanket and started to fall asleep (which was not good at all because it was 5 PM!). Keenan asked her if she was sleepy and she said, "heck yeah, of course I am!". On Sunday at her party, she asked me if she could open up her gift from Tim's mom. I told her she had to wait til after we had cake and ice cream. She said that Fancy Nancy was in the box. (she is way too smart for her own good!) I told her that it might not be Fancy Nancy, that it could be a box of toilet paper. She said that "it's Fancy Nancy. But toilet paper would be funny!"

Hayleigh had a soccer game on Saturday - they won 2-1 - yay!!! It was a nice day, so we all went to watch her. We had forgotten that Rec soccer is so darn frustrating! It's hard to go back to watching that after so many years of classic and premier ball! But, Hayleigh is having fun and learning the game and it doesn't cost anywhere near what classic/premier does!

I wanted to post this picture too - it was very foggy on Friday morning and I thought the farm looked pretty:


B. Merkley said...

I am very surprised that Kirsten isn't wearing leggings, pants and boots under that skirt, as well as a tank top, a sweater, parka, and trench...possibly some gloves and a hat, and what else could she possibly get on? Just kidding. She looks super cute.

Susan Staus said...

Aww! Happy Birthday to your baby!


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