Tuesday, March 9, 2010


No, probably not quite yet - but it sure has been nice outside for the past several days. We put 3 'farm cleanup' days on the calendar for this month, so hopefully lots of things will get done. Today we are working on partitioning off a section of the chicken house to make room for some new baby chicks! Hayleigh and Kirsten are so excited that we will be getting some babies! We'll take them with us when we go to the tractor supply store to pick out the chickies.

Keenan, Dallin and I were in Richmond, VA this past weekend for a soccer tournament for Dallin. What an awesome weekend! Dallin had some really great games and the team won all 4! Tournament champs!!!

Keenan and I went to a really cute shop while Dallin was hanging out with his team. It's called 'Gather'. I can't seem to get the link to show up - so I'll just give you the website. www.shopgather.com. Check it out - it looked exactly like the photo from the website - red truck and everything.

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