Monday, March 15, 2010

Soccer and Chickens

No, our chickens don't play soccer! But, they really need to learn how to stand up for themselves! As soon as we open the chicken door so the chickens can come out and peck at the ground and do whatever it is chickens do, the bully ducks chase them all around til the chickens go back in the house. And then the ducks stand guard at the door and refuse to let the chickens back out for hours! It would be funny to watch, except I feel bad for the chickens. It's been so nice out and all they do is get terrorized by the ducks!

Tim and I (well, mostly Tim - but I did help this time!) sectioned off part of the chicken house so that we can add some baby chicks this spring. We're going to go as a family and pick them out - can you say 'headache'????

Hayleigh had her first soccer game today. They lost 4-0, but it was against a team that has already played several games. We've had 2 practices, and one of the practices was in classroom 'learning' about soccer. There has been so much rain!

Hayleigh did quite well for never really playing before (or even paying attention to her siblings' games). Kirsten yelled to Hayleigh that she's 'strong' and can 'beat that yellow girl'. (the other team was wearing yellow) Kirsten then explained to me that she is planning to play soccer this fall and she wants purple cleats because 'purple is my fravit color'.

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