Monday, March 22, 2010

The Civil War

Tyler recently had to write an essay persuading people to join Civil War Reenactment Groups (strange subject, don't you think?). We thought his essay was really good and wanted to share it. I'm not sure what grade he got on, but who cares? -- it's funny!

Here it is word for word:

Do you love history? Are you really bored? Or do you have an old person that won't leave you alone? There is only one answer for all of these questions: Civil War Reenactment Groups!

History lovers can re-live famous battles as if they were actually there fighting for the Confederate or Union Army. You can collect a wide variety of weapons and clothing that could earn you a spot in People Of Walmart.

Old people that have no life outside of their retirement home can finally feel included in their friends' conversations of what they did last weekend. Instead of following you around and telling you stories from back in the day, they can be a part of a war in history again.

If you're one of those people that go home and have nothing to do you can now go out with a group of friends and let out pent up anger by running around pretending to shoot people and beat them with swords. If you would like to go relax somewhere outside of your house, join and you can lay down and play dead.

It's a perfect way to spend the weekend. So be a part of a Civil War Reenactment Group and have fun!

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