Friday, April 2, 2010

Silly girl!

When we collect the eggs from the chickens, we write the day's date on them so we know the approximate age of the egg. Kirsten has been very involved in taking care of the chickens recently and she loves to carry the eggs down to the house - which she does VERY carefully. I have been trying to teach her that what we are writing on the eggs is 'the number that stands for what day it is'. She pretty much thinks that days are called 'school day', 'church day', 'shopping day', it doesn't make any sense to her at all that days have numbers. I have shown her on the calendar and tried to explain it to her, but she looks at me with the condescending patience of someone looking at a crazy person. Then she tells me 'write the name on it'. Yesterday when we brought the eggs down to the house, she excitedly told me "I want to write the name on this one. How about Eggy? That's a good name!". You know what? It was hard enough to come up with 8 names for our children let alone dozens of names for eggs!


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