Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Unpredictable Season

This last soccer season of Dallin's has been very interesting!  This is a game we played in Sanford against one of the bottom 3 teams of our bracket.  We tied.  Go figure.  The weather made up for the tie (kind of).  It was a gorgeous day - about 70 and sunny!

This game was the very next day!  I stayed in the car because it was about 40 degrees and raining.  Blah.  Except we won 4-3!  

This game was cold too.  It was a weeknight game at 7 PM against the top team in our group - the team that several of the players (and Dallin) had been on - it had not been a good experience for us.  We played hard AND WE WON! 2-1.  Except they are protesting it using an NCYSA policy that our coach didn't understand clearly.  We might have to replay them, or we might have to forfeit.  The decision hasn't been made yet.  But, you know what?? The boys know who won that game.

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