Monday, April 28, 2014

Game and Race

Well - the good news about the game is that WE WON!!  3-2 in overtime, but we won!  
This is the back of a winner :)  I have loads of photos of the kids' backs!  It seems that no matter where I was on the field - they always had their backs to me..
The race was a different story though - after a LONG rain delay, Castroneves (who started 6th!) was confused by the fire suit colors of the pit crews and went into the wrong stall.  He got a penalty and had to start at the back.  He ended 20th. Oh well.  

1 comment:

Susan Staus said...

Glad they won! Sorry about always getting the backs! Luckily they have more games and you have more chances to get better pics!
Bummer about the race!


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