Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring is Springing!

There are signs of spring showing up all around us!  New babies in the pasture. (and if you click on the above photo, you will see the bottom rung of the fence around the pond is broken somewhere.  That's another sign of spring around here - TIME TO FIX THE FENCE!)

More babies enjoying the sun.

Close up of this little one - we usually don't keep white calves (charolais) - they are NOT good at staying in the pasture.  We only have the mom because she was pregnant at the time we were loading cows last time.

Silly daffodils.  When we moved here, the 'landscaping' that had been done was very interesting.  Flower beds around things - like the satellite dish, etc....These guys come up every year even after being mowed all summer.

After having planted more blueberry bushes than I care to number, we finally put some in pots on the back deck.  Apparently this was the perfect idea!  We'll keep them there for several years, until I'm absolutely sure that they'll survive in the garden.  I'd add some photos of robins on this post too - for my northern friends because that's the sign of spring in PA - but I see robins here all year long.  They come to my feeder outside in December and January.  

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