Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Climbing Trees

One of my favorite things to do when I was a young child was climb trees.  In front of the house where we lived, there was a row of pine trees.  If I watched out for where the sticky pine sap was glopped up, these trees were great fun to climb because the branches grew in 'rings'.  Every foot or so, there was another ring of branches and it was easy-peasy to climb.  So easy, I'd get all the way to the top and would only stop when the tree began to bend a little.  (I did have some common sense as a child...either that or I didn't feel like messing up my clothes falling 40 feet or so)  I could look out over a field to the highway looking one direction, and in the other direction I could see behind my house to the next road.  My girls had such a fun time climbing this tree in the front yard!  I really need to find a tall tree and show them how to climb WAY up!  (and for those of you wondering - this was a couple of days after the snow - it melts quickly here!)

Several years ago, a big tree fell in a storm and the "older kids" had fun climbing on it.  

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mom said...

Beautiful pictures! Stop mowing the daffodils! Give them to me!


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