Friday, February 14, 2014


The kids didn't have school on Wednesday, which I think was really silly considering Wednesday was an early release day which would have the kids home by 12:30-12:45 and the snow didn't start until about 2 PM.  Once it started though, it really came down!

This is Thursday after the first storm and before the second wave of snow went through.

It really blew everywhere!  This is the back deck.  

This is during the second snow storm.  Those higher snow covered blobs are hay bales and the shorter, blackish blobs are the cattle!

Very sticky snow!  It was beautiful for a while......

And we had a lot more accumulation than we've had in years, but.....

The sticky snow in the second storm caused some problems.  This is the chicken wire that we have around the chicken house (to keep them out of my garden, darn it!).  The weight of the snow pushed the wire down.  Apparently, that's not the worst though.  One wing of our barn collapsed and the roof is sitting on the hay.   

It is very pretty though, isn't it?

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