Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Check it out!  A cool "Snowstorm 2014" graphic already!  We're sitting here just waiting to see what we get.  It's been so many years since we've had a snow storm that is more than a dusting.  School for tomorrow has already been cancelled.  Not sure why they made that decision though - according to the predictions, the snow isn't supposed to get here until after lunch time.  The kids had early release tomorrow anyway.  (doesn't calling it 'early release' make it sound like they're being let out of prison?)  We've got the normal bread and milk, plus chocolate chips (duh), soup, and about 4 dozen eggs.  The generator has been brought down to the house from the shop.  The cows have a freshly filled hay wagon, 2 new protein tubs, and some new mineral blocks.  Kerosene has been purchased for a heater for the shop so Tim can keep working.  I mean, really, did you think a little thing like Snowmageddon would stop him???  Hopefully, I'll have some snow photos to post soon!

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Susan Staus said...

I didn't realize it's been that long since you've had snow! We have plenty of it! Your more then welcome to have some! :)


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