Monday, January 13, 2014

Menu...Kind of

So last week, I planned out a week's worth of meals.  For the most part it worked, except that Tim wasn't home for several of the meals, so I didn't make them - the kids are completely happy with pizza, so why not??  He is probably not going to be home for a few meals this week either, so I'm planning just 3 days:

Monday - Bacon Sandwiches on Pumpernickel bread with orange marmalade. (yes, that sounds strange, but it is incredibly yummy!)  OR tuna sandwiches if you don't like bacon.  I know - for real - who doesn't like bacon???  well, one of my kids doesn't.  I won't tell which one for fear of he/she being ridiculed!

Tuesday - I'm not sure what to call this, so I'll explain how I make it!  I brown ground beef (amount depends on how many are eating) with onion, salt, and pepper.  Then I add golden mushroom soup and dilute it just enough to make a hamburger 'gravy'.  Then we have it over toast.  It is old-fashioned good!  Some of us put grated cheddar on ours or some sour cream.  We'll have a vegetable with it too - I'm thinking I'll crack open the first jar of green beans I canned last year from our garden!

Wednesday - pork loin and roasted canned potatoes.  The grocery store had buy-one-get-one free seasoned pork loins...that's a good deal.  I buy canned potatoes and roast them in butter and paprika in the oven until they're browned - the kids love them!  I'll make some rolls or biscuits to go with dinner too.

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