Monday, January 27, 2014

A Negative Project

No, I don't mean a 'bad' project!  Haha!  I mean I'm working on transferring all of our negatives (for those young'uns who don't know what I'm talking about - before we had digital cameras, we had to buy film.  Then we had to take the film to be developed and we got the photos and the film back - with the photos 'imprinted' on them and we called them negatives.)  Thanks to my Aunt Sandy, who is lending me a handy-dandy computer attachment thing, I have been able to get our old negatives onto the computer!  They are totally not the best quality photos - thank goodness we have digital cameras now!  No more 'surprises' when we go and pick up our prints to see how the photos look!  I am highly amused at the way most of the negative images look - just like the 'vintage' or 'retro' setting!

I have 'stored' (meaning thrown in this bag) negatives for years!  Since 1989!  Pre-1989 I used a disc camera.  I've had no luck at all trying to find an inexpensive way to have the disc images uploaded onto my computer.  I've found 3 places online that will develop the photos again - but I don't want the photos, I want them on my computer!  I am thinking about looking through my scrapbooks for the pre-1989 photos I really want and just taking a photo of the photo. They would probably turn out about the same as the negatives I'm uploading.
This photo is one I uploaded from the negatives from 1992.  This is my Granny McVaugh holding Tyler the day he came home from the NICU.  (He spent 14 days in the NICU in Newark, NJ.)  I'm not quite sure why I keep thinking the 90s are 10 years ago!

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