Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Tim!

No Birthday party today though - he's working, of course!  But shhhh......I am going out to get him a new pillow (he's wanted one for a couple of months), and I'm going to bake him some meringue cookies (I totally agree with Ina Garten - once you reach a certain age, you really don't need to have a cake).  Brandee bought Tim a gift while they were visiting over Christmas and left it here for his birthday - so he'll get that gift when we do whatever birthday dinner thing he wants.  

So - I woke up the other day and realized IT WAS COLD in the house.  This is supposed to read 68, not 58!  The coal stove and the fireplace were both started and 'cranked up' to max.  We called our favorite heating and air conditioning people, but told them that we were okay - nothing would freeze - and if they had higher priorities (like people TOTALLY without heat) go to them first. 
Tim and I set up the air mattress in front of the living room couches (is there an age that you reach when an air mattress really feels horrible?? Because I think I reached it!).  The girls slept on the couches (and yes, they probably would've been even worse to sleep on than the air mattress!).  The above photo is the view when I looked forward....the photo below is the view from behind my head.  Silly little girl! 

This was the temp in our bedroom the next morning - really glad I slept near the fire!  All is well now though.  We only had 2 days to put up with being a little chilly.  I think I would've been a HORRIBLE pioneer!

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Susan Staus said...

Wow! That's cold! I need to get a thermostat in our bedroom because it's so cold! We normally heat with just a coal stove and last time I checked the bedrooms upstairs were at least 10 degrees cooler then downstairs. But this year we got the oil furnace going and light the coal stove on really cold days.
I agree without needing a cake, Dave normally likes just a cherry pie. But I still love an ice cream cake from dairy queen or carvel! Not a really cake, ice cream is way better!
Happy Birthday Tim!!!!!!


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