Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Tim!

44 wishes for you from me:

I wish that -
1 - you could be independently wealthy and not have to work so hard for us.
2 - the kids would do everything that needs to be done without you having to tell them.
3 - the kitchen was done.
4 - computers wouldn't break.
5 - the fence wouldn't break.
6 - the vans would automatically fill up with fuel that we wouldn't need to go get or pay for.
7 - I would be more organized and not leave unfinished projects all over the place.
8 - I wouldn't leave hair dryers and curling irons and all kinds of other things on the bathroom counter so you wouldn't have to move things to get to your toothpaste.
9 - the boxes and eggshells and packages that get used for cooking would magically find their way to the trashcan instead of sitting on the counter for hours.
10 - you could play guitar for hours instead of work for hours.
11 - you wouldn't whack your fingers with tools.
12 - you wouldn't get any more splinters.
13 - we could go to Disney World whenever we wanted for free.
14 - your Mustang was running.
15 - and that the parts to fix it were free.
16 - your knees wouldn't hurt.
17 - our bedroom was done.
18 - our bathroom was done.
19 - the mortgage was paid off.
20 - the barn was re-done and filled with self-maintained animals.
21 - it rained upside down cranberry cake.
22 - no one would drink your juice before you can.
23 - or eat your food.
24 - you would have a new pair of socks every day for the rest of your life.
25 - sunglasses didn't break.
26 - or get lost, or left at job sites.
27 - people paid on time for jobs that you complete.
28 - cows were always where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there.
29 - and that they would calmly get in the trailer to go to market.
30 - things wouldn't leap into your eyes and get stuck there.
31 - it would feel like 10 hours of sleep even when you only get 2.
32 - oreos and jello would no longer be considered foods.
33 - you could be a blacksmith.
34 - and an FBI agent.
35 - and a pilot.
36 - and a lumberjack.
37 - and an alaskan king crab fisherman.
38 - and that you had all the time in the world to try them all so you could figure out what you want to be when you grow up.
39 - when you got home from work you could have hours left in the day to run on the treadmill, lift weights, read, watch movies, sit in a jacuzzi...
40 - you had a jacuzzi.
41 - North Carolina and Utah were next to each other.
42 - the sun would shine at a nice 85 degrees in a bubble around you while it rained (or snowed) on the fields.
43 - whatever tool you needed showed up on the work table next to you ready to go.
44 - for every silly thing that you have to endure more hair would grow on your head (and not the gray kind!).



Amy said...

That was very sweet and touching!

Susan Staus said...

Happy Birthday Brother Watson!

Rosanne said...

Maybe if we all wish all of those things for Tim...some will come true. :) Happy Birthday Tim!


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