Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The trouble with nature

Happy Birthday Kyle!

This summer has been very interesting in regards to nature - birds in particular. Every year a bird builds its nest under our back deck. It's all the way on the end and under the grill, so it doesn't bother us too much. Apparently this year the mama bird decided that she wanted to be closer to our family so she built the nest under the deck RIGHT ABOVE THE BACK DOOR. This wasn't too bad to begin with, but then as the babies got older they began to poop - ALOT!! Several times a day, one of the kids would wash down the poop pile right in front of the door. There are lots (like zillions) of mites that live in bird nests and they decided that crawling around on the deck was fun. So, we also gave up hanging up the laundry out back because as soon as we went on the deck, we were covered with mites and had to take showers. Very annoying. We came to the conclusion that as soon as the birds were flying away, the nest would be taken down. Kyle did the honors one morning as all the babies took off for their morning flights. What a bunch of shocked birds when they came back a couple of hours later! Not being happy with being evicted, the birds all started to build their own nests under the deck. We figured that since we pay the mortgage here, the birds had to find somewhere else to live. Every branch, twig and thread that was placed on the boards by the birds was brushed off by one of the kids. The birds did give up - or so we wanted to believe. The birds built a nest in a box in the new carport. How stupid is that? That's like packing a lunch for the dogs that come around here! If that's not enough.....wait til you hear about the driveway birds......stay tuned!

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