Friday, August 31, 2007

Life is sort of on a schedule!

School started this past Monday. Kirsten was sitting at the counter eating her breakfast when Ethan, Dallin and Hayleigh left to get on the bus. Kyle, Keenan and Tyler were already at school since they have Early Morning Seminary at church and then Tim takes them to school. Brandee was already at work and the TV wasn't on (yet). It was SO quiet, I could hear the ceiling fans! About 2 minutes after the door closed behind Hayleigh, Kirsten looked up and said, "Where everybody go?". Poor baby! She gets to have all the toys to herself and watch what shows she wants on TV (barney, teletubbies, Franklin and Little Bear), but she just wanted her sister home. Funny, isn't it? They argued all summer as best a 7-year old and 2-year old can, and now Kirsten just wanted Hayleigh here.

The second day of school started out lousy. Hayleigh's bus came 20 minutes earlier than it had the first day, so of course she missed it. I had to pack up Kirsten and Hayleigh and drive Hayleigh to school. Kirsten couldn't figure out why she couldn't go in to the school too!

It's Friday now and she seems to have adjusted. She is back to taking 2 or 3 hour naps in the afternoon - which I love!

The other kids have adjusted to being back at school. Kyle, Keenan and Tyler had 3 soccer games in a row this week - Monday (win), Tuesday (win) and Wednesday (loss - but only by 1 to a team we usually get slaughtered by). I've been able to go to some of the games - Dallin's soccer coach is also a high school soccer coach and he understands that we might be missing some practices.

We're hoping for lots of rain and some cooler temperatures soon!

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