Friday, August 10, 2007


Wow! I really can't believe that there will be 4 birthdays coming up in the next couple of weeks - and how old that makes the kids! (Tim and I are not aging - it's just the kids getting older!) On August 15 - Kyle will be 17. On August 16 - Keenan will be 16. On August 22 - Brandee will be 19. On September 4 - Tyler will be 15. Yikes.

It seems like only yesterday that I could solve all of the problems in my house with some balloons, some homemade cookies and a Disney movie. Now there is so much going on in their lives (and thus mine, since I need to drive them around!).

Soon enough though - it will be quiet here and we will be hoping the grandchildren come over to visit their out-of-date, uncool grandparents!

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