Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chicken Story

Happy Birthday Brandee!

A quick note here about the scout camp the boys attended a little while ago - This picture is Kyle and his friend Brent identifying leaves. Guess they took a 'speed identifying' class!

Friends of our from church were looking for a home for their chickens that they no longer wanted. We decided to give them a home. Little did we know that a short couple of weeks later - there would be 4 BABY chicks in the barn. In a couple of months we might be going into the chick selling business!

Okay - enough of the bird stories. How about a cow story? We have one cow that no matter how strong the electricity is on the fence, she likes to get out. When we attempt to put her back in the pasture, we are strongly reminded of the running of the bulls footage we have seen. She tosses her head and paws the ground and RUNS like the wind! She is shortly going to find herself in the cattle trailer on the way to the auction.

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