Thursday, June 5, 2014

Throwback with some New News

Sometimes I think the name Ethan means "Injured" or "once again needing to be repaired"!  Within a year's time, Ethan had stitches 3 different times on his head.  In high school, he had his head hit during a soccer game and needed a couple of stitches.  In club ball, he got hit in the head and had a tooth pushed back.  Anyway - the photo above is showing the stitches Ethan got when someone at church opened one of those heavy solid classroom doors and caught him in the forehead.  He needed to be stitched up. 
And now for some "new news" - This photo is from the first day of Ethan's junior year.  He had dislocated his left shoulder several times and the decision was made to have surgery to repair it.  Ethan is on his mission in Arizona currently and has dislocated his right shoulder enough that the mission president said "Let's get this fixed!"  So, in the near future, Ethan will be having surgery on his right shoulder - the diagnosis being "tear through the anterior inferior labrum from 1:00 to 5:00 with detachment of the entire anterior labrum.  This detachment extends up into the superior labrum which is also partially detached.  This is consistenet with a Perthes lesion, a Bankart variant.  Also an Old Hill-Sachs fracture of the superolateral humeral head. Cause: Repeated dislocations of the shoulder."

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