Sunday, June 15, 2014

Field Day was Fun!

Kirsten had a fantastic field day this school year!  The few games I saw (I had to leave to pick Dallin up from exams) looked like so much fun!  They had duck-duck-goose with a soaked sponge.  As the 'picker' walked around to pick the goose, instead of tapping them on the head and saying 'duck', they let some of the water from the sponge drip on the kid's head.  The kid that was chosen as the goose, got the sponge squeezed out over her head and got soaked!  So cute!

There was also flavor ice - big hit with my kids!  We've already gone through 5 or 6 boxes of 100 so far this year.  
Kirsten also had an awards ceremony - she earned over 100% of her Accelerated Reading goal and earned Honor Roll for all 4 marking periods!  Yay Kirsten!  So - we just can't figure out where the breakdown between the NC State testing and teaching Kirsten is.  Kirsten did not do well on either of her End-of-Grade tests; in fact, she will be attending summer school for a little while to finish up a couple of her 'portfolios' that are required to be promoted to 4th grade.

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