Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fence Problems

Now that it's finally spring-ish here, it's time to open up the back pasture and let the cows in.  Dallin checked the fence yesterday and discovered that the logging company that was working next to our property totally destroyed the fence!  I can understand how trees might fall on the fence while they are clearing land, BUT WHY DIDN'T THEY TELL US!  (and for those of you who read the post about complaining, YES - I'm complaining!)  So, we lodged a complaint with the police.  They're going to try to get the information about the logging company and inform them that they caused property damage.  We'll see where we go from there.  I really wish I would've gotten the company's card!  While they were logging, someone from the company came up to our house and told me that they "talked to your husband and he said it's fine for us to start logging your land".  I said "really?  Let me call him and check if he meant to start right now."  The guy told me he'd wait in his truck.  He got in and drove away.  He had never talked to Tim.  That's bad business!  Anyway, I am wondering if there's anyone who has always wanted to fix fences on a farm....we're going to need a work force!  There'll be food :)

Fence post ON THE GROUND

Pink ribbon is from the logging company.

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