Monday, March 10, 2014

Anything Else??

Again. Really??  This cow stood here for the longest time.  Like she was frozen and hungry.  (notice the HAY TRAILER behind her IN the pasture where ALL OF THE OTHER cows are!!)  No, that isn't a calf near her.  That's a large pile of fertilizer.  Come to think of it, maybe the other cows sent her away :)

A lot of us spent last week coughing.  And coughing.  And coughing.  Even if school would have been open on Friday, I wouldn't have sent poor Kirsten.  She wore herself out coughing!  We all seem to be doing a little better now.  Thank you Triaminic!

This is what Hayleigh did with her time off - painted a fantastic Scottie Dog portrait in oil!  It's a gift for one of her teachers.  She did a great job!

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