Sunday, March 9, 2014

Destructive Beauty

As beautiful as ice is when it coats the world, it can be very dangerous and destructive.  In NC, a lot of our winter storms are ice, or usually what they call "a wintry mix".  A wintry mix sounds almost festive, kind of like an icy blue drink with large crystals of sugar around the rim.  BUT, it's not.  A wintry mix means at least a 2 hour delay for the school kids, a possible loss of power as the lines get heavy and break, and dangerous travel.  On Friday, we had the dreaded wintry mix.  What started out as a 2 hour delay for the kids turned out to be a day off.  Not for Keenan though - Keenan had to go into work - and ended up being pushed off the interstate and damaging his car :(  We're not sure how bad it is yet - we are picking it up tomorrow. 
We lost a big limb from the tree near the chicken house.  The limb had new growth just waiting for spring - it was almost here!  The ironic thing is that Saturday's weather was so nice we were able to take Keenan and Mallory's engagement photos outside without jackets or anything!  

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